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Hey! I like Derpy. And butts. And Derpy's butt. Other butts are cool too, though. ~TOOWC

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  • 203 weeks
    Endings and Beginnings.

    So, as I'm sure most of you know- Candy is over. The story is done, and... that's it. There's a sequel/reboot in progress, titled 'From Their Hearts', and I'm already working on the first chapter with Patric.

    There's no cover art or description yet- as we've just started today- but expect something to be up before the week is out.

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  • 225 weeks

    Shit, it's been a while.
    I'm sorry about that. A lot's gone on.
    Should I continue Black of Dog, or Candy first?
    Also, tomorrow's my birthday.
    See all of ya soon in another chapter on... something.

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  • 270 weeks

    Candy just got featured!
    I'm not gonna put anything in the description of the story, because honestly that'd make me feel like an asshole.
    Thank you so much, all of you! It means a lot to me to know you guys and gals like my story that much.

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  • 271 weeks

    Would anyone be interested? I don't know what my prices would be- maybe like $5-7 per 1k words- or what the limits would be, but... I could try my hand at it, if any of you would like to commission me for something.

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  • 272 weeks
    I've made a Patreon.

    Subject of this blog... is the title.

    Check it if you feel like it... I can't make you, and I'd never want to make you.

    See you all soon in the next chapter of Candy. Feel free to ask questions here in the comments, on anything.

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Ask Me Anything about Candy! · 5:33pm Sep 6th, 2015

Exactly what's written on the tin. I'll make a second blog post containing all the answers soon!

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Question 1: Will we be seeing Rush managing to get either of his mares pregnant?

Question 2: Will Zecora ever want a piece of that striped stud we see hanging around with Derpy and Rarity? ZebraXZebra ftw

Question 3: Will the cabin have some sort of incident occur which results in Rarity, Derpy and Rush being forced to stay there for a bit longer than they intended?

Question 4: Will we see some art of Rush one day? Maybe some RushXDerpyXRarity even?

Did you know you can bite off the ends of twizzlers and use them as a straw?

2 Questions.
1. Will there be a chapter that shows Emerald Circlet trying to steal Rush away, just to spite Derpy?
2. How many more mares will be in the herd?

baby or baby's names :pinkiecrazy:


Oh! I forgot to delete this blog, oops. Well, to answer your questions:

1.Babies? Happening, dunno when.
2. No Idea!

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