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    a few of my visual inspirations for Eternity

    i've privately received a few questions over the years about what Eternity looks like, so i'm making public one of my responses to one of them for anyone who was curious. it's mostly just compiled references, but it'll give a good idea of the aesthetic i was going for.

    1: What is the tech level for Eternity. Is it the same as Destiny, or just a little below it?

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    life update

    hi everyone, just checking in! i recently became a producer at nickelodeon, and life has been moving very fast. i know i haven’t even come close to updating or finishing tgom, but because of my new job i don’t think i’ll be getting around to it anytime soon.

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    i don't know who needs to hear this but

    stfu gamers are not oppressed

    sincerely, someone who literally wrote a book on the subject

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    its my birthday

    i turned 28

    look it me

    lilfunkman drew this

    edit: help there’s more

    its so perfect

    what do i do

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Guess who's coming to Equestria LA? · 11:55pm Aug 28th, 2015

F A U S T - S E N P A I I S C O M I N G .

You horsenerds better be coming too.

Comments ( 14 )

To expensive (and to short of a notice). At least it's not across the country like bronycon.

3354444 Pfft. That never stopped me.


3354485 yeah, but when it comes down to food and textbooks or bronycon ... It's an easy decision.

3354504 Obviously BronyCon. Food is overrated.


3354506 I can survive on instant ramen I guess.

Hopefully Faust-senpai won't have to bear the cringe of terrible Q&A. Let's pray to the poni gods.

But it's hot in LA.
And dry.

3354718 Pray to Faust on behalf of Faust?

It is very dry here, yes. The heat isn't so bad cause it isn't too humid.

Pray to Celestia and Luna, let's get some god recursion going on here.

Is this why you never talk to me? :(

3355680 I do all my socializing on Skype and Twitter and you use neither. Also I have no idea what this has to do with that.

You're a butt.

An actual conversation at Bronycon:

"Hey, Swan, we should talk more." - C2
"Yeah, that's a good idea." - Swan
"Okay, I'll poke you on Steam." - C2
"Okay." - Swan

3355894 I don't remember this convo. Also, Steam chat is awful. Like, worse than Skype, awful.

You're the worst.

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