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  • 55 weeks
    First Big Edit Spree

    So a few chapters are done and edited. To explain some changes, Spike and Nashta are now wingless properly, so a lot has changed in the series of events involving them. Sombra is more of a consistent dick rather than a spastic one with a lot clearer goals and better transitions/interactions. I'd love it if ya'll checked it out.

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  • 56 weeks
    I guess im fixing that old story

    Im alive, question is, was I ever dead in the first place?

    I hear all the problems my writing has. I like to think I've gotten better. So Im taking the stuff there now and revising a lot in as few sessions as possible to keep the mentality I need to have consistent action and motivations. I got super off track with what the story was and want to fix that.

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  • 124 weeks
    So since Fim won't update y'all

    New chapter up. Revision on the old one. Fim doesn't want to spam inboxes since its publish date was back in june...like two years ago. Finally back into it. Who knows where it goes from here, but I feel like there might be a small difference in my writing styles...

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    It's almost Easter

    You all know what that meeeans...

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  • 201 weeks
    Recent chapter

    It sucked. It made me realized I had a huge continuity error and it tore my whole plot apart. Im going to rewrite it and adjust that plot to fit the error so that it wont change the whole story. Im very sorry for being so late admitting this. I was afraid of failing and just ignored it, praying it wouldnt be noticed. Im a bad guy. But I'll be working hard to fix it! Taking the chapter down for

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Oh and · 2:54pm Aug 21st, 2015

Im gonna make another chapter of Spreading to cheer myself up. Any particular fetishes you wanna see? Im open for anything. Heueh

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Comments ( 9 )

that would be great to see more of this story. personally I always wander how the hole posses of egg incubation happened.


You mean like the time the eggs sit in Chryslias or the time they sit in the hosts?

3336692 both but preferably the host


I could delve into it. Mind I ask if you want a specfic pony to be experiencing it? Oc or canon .3.

3336704 Well I would love to put my own OC, but I don't would prefer an other alias how about... Paint Splat.


Mind sending me an image to the oc?

it my avatar


Alright, cool. Hes also adorable! #3#

I'm looking forward to Chrysalis ministrations:pinkiecrazy:

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