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Take the fight to the ground or the sky as Princess Celestia's Royal guard or Nightmare Moon's Lunar Force in this new Pony inspired DLC!

Relive the key moments during the war with sky battles over Cloudsdale and the explosive battle of Canterlot!

Unlock new weapons and armor skins for your solider, play as Assault and mix death with life as you tear though the opposition and heal your teammates; or take up and LMG and mow down the enemy as a deadly Support. Live life on the wild side and take up as much C4 as you can with Engineer, blow away tanks and take helicopters out of the sky!

All this and every insane "Battlefield Moment" you can think of..so run! Run as fast as your hooves can take you to the front line, the war is now..and the hero could be you!

(This is my submission to a competition for Gamer Luna in the Luna is Best Pony group, I wanted it to sound as EA as possible with the intro...and I like it...shut up...i'm sorry. I am also unsure where the cover art came from...)

Chapters (1)

King Sombra is a lot of things if not patient, but even he has a point where things go from bitterly trapped to unbearably boring. Torture would be nice! If she had the guts to entertain him in the old fashion way. No such joy for him...just bored, alone and still dead set on his vengeance, even if it is unanswered for...

And yet...

For the first time in over fifty years...

He heard a knock on the door...

(Mind blowing art by futuristicspacetiger )

Chapters (6)

A collection of poetry by many authors describing their love for the night and our Princess of the moon.

(Art by Mark Azemus belongs to Shadowflash173 )

Chapters (1)

Jake the Clydesdale, a full grown horse that lives in the lap of luxury. Everyday he gets all the apples he could ever want and gets to run as far as his heart needs. All the humans ask is that he pulls a wagon in front of a camera during a sports game once a year. Deep down, he know's that this life isn't enough...he wants to work, to actually feel useful and even find the mare of his dreams.

Today he finally made a statement.

He let the humans know he was unhappy. Now he sits in his stall tied to the post and awaiting judgment...just before he drifts to sleep, he looks out at the night sky, finding the brightest star and praying to whatever deity could save him from the nightmare of his stale life.

He never guessed someone would hear him...

(Art by Marik Azemus)

Chapters (9)

Greetings, My name is Ivy Blood. I understand that such a meeting is odd to say the least. Expectations demand that a author 'hook' a reader with just a paragraph. I myself was never good at dramatizing any subject,I even forgot to make this...introduction? Regardless, that is why I will make it different. As any author, I hope it draws the same crowd; ponies taking a step back and look with me, at the whole picture of who King Sombra was. I hope you enjoy.

(The author is a separate entity and is only attached to this story, no relation to me or my username. Amazing art by Hitaome113 )

Chapters (6)

It has been years since the fall of the god of chaos. A stable rule is established by the two sisters that defeated the mad god, Princess Celestia: Pure of heart and power to raise the sun and protect her citizens. The other sister is not as fortunate to have as kind a reputation...Princess Luna: Clinging to shadows and bringer of the night. While ponies basked in the bright day, they shunned the night; leaving the younger sister to feel unwanted and alone compared to Clesetia's sun. They worked together to protect Equestria and the Princess of Night lived in the shadow of her sister, sorrow and depression mounting to rough thoughts of hate...but a certain somepony just might change that...even if the love is forbidden.

(Art by Marik Azemus)

Chapters (18)

A wave of crime strikes the quiet town of Ponyville, seemingly random break ins and even armed robberies have ponies afraid to leave their own homes...until Twilight puts her hoof down and calls on the greatest detective in history. Though the book said the spell would call the "Greatest" detective in history....

An oversight leads to even more trouble for the mare and it seems that Mr. Drebin is her only hope of ending the strange uprising in crime...

Chapters (5)

Dusty Armor, though he prefers Dusk Armor. Only thirteen years old but full of adventure and even showing a talent for magic...today is his fourteenth birthday and Princess Twilight is pulling out all the stops to make it the best yet, but when a gift sparks questions she doesn't want to answer, he seeks out the answers on his own. Learning more and more about his father takes him down a path that Twilight can only pray he rejects....

( Little something I made for Dusty Armor because I like the idea of Dark Magic and punk ...)

Sequel based off of Kiss of the Dark by Soothing Stone

Art by Izeer

Chapters (10)
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