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New Halo 5 Multiplayer Trailer at Gamescom (and official T-rating) · 8:12pm Aug 4th, 2015

Oh... lord... just...

Oh my goodness! I just came—twice. This looks fucking magical! Time to ruin the video game industry with my pre-order.

And to add, this legendary multiplayer experience of a game is officially rated T for teen. I honestly don't care too much since ratings never affect a game. Some of my favorite games of all time are E, so there's that.

I suppose the ESRB's standards have lowered.

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Warzone is already definitely my preferred style:moustache:

3294750 There is very strong evidence that suggests Warzone will be the worse gamemode, given the fact you can buy any power-weapon for real money at the beginning of the game. The entire game seems as if it's trying to not improve from H4, just embolden lightly. Bungie made a tangible effort to increase the quality between each entry, so much so you can rightfully refer to each advancement in the series an evolution. Reach personally was my favorite of all the Halo games.

Anything can be unlocked via gameplay, so no real money is required. Warzone is a mode just for fun, with Arena being the traditional Halo experience like 3 was. I also get the feeling that you don't like 343 Industries very much.

In any case, "strong evidence" of speculation doesn't beat the opinions of everyone who played Warzone, whom all liked it.

3296127 I'm saying having the ability to spawn in with say, a Banshee or Mantis, while all others are pinned down with only small-arms will have an effect on the game and on general population of said game. You were correct in believing I dislike 343i, I feel as if they're not doing the series justice. Many other long-time Halo fans agree with me, seeing how the following behind the series has been deeply divided. I advocate advances and upgrades to the formula of Halo, but 343i has integrated the wrong features at the wrong time. Their primary goal is to obtain as much profit as possible, while only providing minimal effort. You can tell H4 won't be taking the full advantage of the next generation consoles in order to retain backwards compatibility, increasing sales at the cost of change. Bungie's absence has taken with it much of Halo. Soon enough, we can expect a few movies and probably a TV series.

Again, Warzone is meant just for fun and nothing else. Things like Arena and BTB will be fair starts, weapons and vehicles on spawn, et cetera. I personally played the beta, and I thought it was great.

Their primary goal is to obtain as much profit as possible

Is that why all Halo 5 DLC will be free?

You can tell H4 won't be taking the full advantage of the next generation consoles in order to retain backwards compatibility, increasing sales at the cost of change.

Err, Halo 5 is an Xbox One exclusive. It's definitely not for the 360. That's a fact. And 343i have already stated multiple times that they are using the full potential of the Xbox One. I don't see why they would lie.

343i have also done a better job with story, looking back to Halo 4. Pretty much everyone agrees that Destiny was a disappointing mess of a plot.

3299482 After Halo, Bungie's leadership became very sour very quickly. The minds behind Halo have either left, or no longer are in leading positions of the studio, You know Martian O'Donnell was fired without any reasons being provided? Jason Jones, the other mastermind behind Halo, has settled for a minor position. Destiny was always likely intended to be a small title, another game under Bungie's belt.

Destiny shows a bit more innovation than Halo currently. H5 isn't doing something I would call "advance". They re-purposed Titianfall's J.U.M.P. kit, which is a common trend for AAA games as of late. The game doesn't look any more detailed or higher resolution than H4. So far, I still believe H5 will be on the 360, and will not improve on the many glaring issues of H4.

It clearly says "Xbox One Exclusive" here.

Truth is, Halo has had thruster packs before any of those games, both in Halo 4 which was in development since 2009, and since 2001 in the Fall of Reach.

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