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Welp. · 1:25am Jul 27th, 2015

I'm back! I'm moved and safe and all, but it turns out my desktop's CPU is busted and that kinda makes the whole thing inoperable.

It's totally not my fault.

Some of the connector pins are bent, and they have done minor damage to the CPU socket accordingly. On top of that, basically nobody makes or sells AM3 (not AM3+) socket CPUs anymore, so I would need a new motherboard anyway to go with a new or even refurbished CPU, heat sink, and fan.

Luckily my ancient craptop from college works well enough for pony stuff and skype, but I'm a little bummed out right now because the laptop doesn't run my favourite games well (in a number of cases, they won't run at all) and its sound system is utter shite. The latter matters when my headset never plays sound in the right ear and sometimes cuts out in the left.


For the moment, doing almost everything to get ready for the move on my own has left me physically and emotionally fatigued. However, once I'm settled and fully rested, I hope to be writing more (as I mentioned in a blog a few months ago), and my writing is more mobile when my primary device is a laptop. Last weekend held some good signs in that regard.

Recently, I've read Friendship is Optimal and Earning Wings of a Different Nature. I recommend them both.

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I feel the pain of a shitty, old laptop. Some critter chewed my network cable in half down in my crawlspace earlier in the week, so no internet available on my desktop till it was re-run Friday. Caused me to use the previously mentioned laptop this past week, and it plays none of the games I play. Even minecraft (I don't play it anymore, but has an old version installed on it) can only be run at the lowest settings and even then its very laggy.

Ebay might have that kinda stuff, if you don't want to rebuild a everything.

Good luck on replacing your craptop.



Interestingly enough, a new Pentium G3258 cost less than a used or refurbished CPU of the quality I already had, and performs better.

Also, difficult to confirm quality of used CPUs.

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