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Well that went well · 11:57pm Jul 17th, 2015

I gotta say I'm honestly surprised I didn't get more hell for killing off Shy horse. It was one of the parts of the story I was most concerned about writing but I felt like it needed to happen. Im trying to write this fic as "Reaslitically" as possible and because of that I saw no way around killing Fluttershy. Her personality and mentality simply can't exist in a world at war.

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the only problem i see, is that its now imposable to resurrect the Elements of Harmony without Shy being there

3247385 Oh that was impossible before this fic even hit the site. I hate those little rocks with every fiber of my being.

3247398 because theyre nothing more than a brute force, mass 'undo' option? i admit that the physical Elements were a convenient fix all, but the metaphysical Elements were something to admire, if only a little. and u were wrong about one thing...Kindness does have a place in war, for without Kindness, what is prevent a genocide? what is to prevent the ponies and even Spike from becoming their true enemy? War may bring about great changes to both the Gryphons and the Ponies, the very face of Equestria has be changed by war. but no matter what is changed in the world...this much i know will never be different. the simple and unalterable fact that War...War never changes...

As long as Luna doesn't die I'm fine! Tad sad for shy though :fluttershysad:

3247426 The line about what stops Spike from becoming the REAL bad guy of the story, hang on to that one you might need it. As a student of history though the number of wars won by sheer force vastly out number the amount of wars won through diplomacy. The last great war for example was won by the dawn of the newest and most powerful destructive device on earth (See Nuclear Bomb). Blind, senseless hate and thirst for power can rarely if ever be reasoned with, take a look at the current main bad guy of the story and tell me if you REALLY think Fluttershy stood a chance of convincing him that violence wasn't the answer.

:applejackunsure: I have no comment of this point right now. Hate seeing Fluttershy dead, its a pity really. As for

Her personality and mentality simply can't exist in a world at war.

I hardly doubt that.

3247440 and how do u declare a winner in war hmmn? is it the side that has the better toys, the side with numerical advantage at the end of the day, or perhaps its the one who completely annihilates the other side? no...no there r no victors...there never r...everybody loses in War...everybody...

3247508 the winner in war is the side that has the means and absolute will to fight and win

3247508 Your right no one ever really "wins" a war. But one side will always come out on top through either superior strategy, larger numbers, or more advanced technology. Trust me there isn't gonna be a happy ending to this story, everyone involved that makes it through to the end will have to come face to face with the horror of what they've done in the name of what they thought was right.

I haven't read since Spike left Ponyville with the others. FLUTTERSHY IS DEAD??!! So now, unless a new Element of Kindness surfaces, and the griffons manage to release Discord, Spike and the others are now basically living on borrowed time. They can not win. So now, I'm out.

3247551 If you havent read since Spike left Ponyville things concerning Discord are a bit more out of hand then you might care for. Also who says they NEED the elements of harmony to win? Thats a show trope that the magic rocks of friendship are the only way to beat the bad guys. Sometimes you can beat the bad guys by just kicking the appropriate amount of ass.

3247557 Then please explain to me how Nightmare Moon, Discord, and Tirek would have been beaten without 'Tasting the Rainbow'?

3247588 Well you could have gutted them like trout. We have no way of knowing EXACTLY how durable the beings of Equestria are because it's a kids show and actual violence doesn't fly.

:rainbowhuh: Aaah man this is in my Read Later list and now I know butter gets toasted :(

:facehoof: That was awful.

:rainbowlaugh: Fluttershy or the joke?

The only thing I can see wrong about killing off Fluttershy is the reasoning behind it. When you kill of a main character, there should be a reason for that character to die, not for 'just cause' or shock value. That is a very quick way for readers to just throw their hands up in defeat and move on. Fluttershy's death needs to serve something. What is her death going to achieve? Is it going to motivate the other element bearers into action? Is Spike going to go on a rampage? How does her death affect the characters around her? If the only reason for her to die is 'because she doesn't fit' is honestly a poor excuse to kill a character. My advice would have put her in the background, off screen or something if that is the case.

I know she might not have been a major character in your story, but she is a very important character in the universe of MLP, so it isn't as feasible as offing her as it would a back ground pony or an original character.

General rule of thumb about killing characters: If there is no reason for it, don't.

Let's see where the next chapter goes and how it is handled, shall we? :pinkiehappy:

3247978 There is a reasoning behind it. Fluttershy isn't strong enough to exist in a world at war, it was my way of setting a standard for what it takes to live or die in my world.


War...War never changes...

War... War has changed, the reasons have not (not all of them), but the way that it's fought has changed dramatically since the beginning of time.

3251868 That second part is more what the person you quoted was referring to. Also I mean if you wanna get REALLY technical, even what your referring to hasn't changed. War is about killing people and while yes we have invented more and more ingenious ways to murder our fellow man that fact remains that at the end of the day its still just killing. Albeit in a more stylish way as time goes on.

3251868 only the face of War ever changes, not its core concept. which as u have been told, is death. the death of soldiers, the death of innocents, it doesnt matter. the weapons can change, the theater can change, the soldiers can change as well, but at its heart there is only death and destruction. that...is how i can say that War...War never changes...

That's more or less what I meant to say.

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