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Guys I'm sorry · 10:21pm May 5th, 2015



For serious though, new chapter is being edited finally.

Not done, but like, nearly done. I'm doing last minute stuff.

Report BaryonBrony · 525 views · Story: Machinations in the Dark ·
Comments ( 15 )

There needs to be an "are you sure" button, I swear on me mum

Twice the notification came through.... TWICE!
I never asked for this..

You've been playing too much "World of Tanks" haven't you?

3047728 Warframe... and school... and family stuff.. and army stuff... and a new job on the side

But I'm done, this thing gets done tonight. Editing might take maybe a few more hours. I will not finish until it is ready for upload.


If I had a quarter for everytime someone hit the wrong button. I'd have fifty cents.

3047772 I express my emotions through the use of metaphor and pic URLs.

Also this - exboyfriendrecovery.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/overemotional.jpg

3047781 There is no warning. There is no second chances.

Push button, regret everything since the 2nd grade.

Trying for the TOG aren't ya?

3053546 :derpytongue2: I have no idea what anyone is talking about, so I will continue editing.

Next chap is 8000 words long... why I do this. Editor is chasing me with a steak knife. I do not deserve this. Ultron, save me.

3053612 I'm pretty sure "Saving People" isn't my primary function. I'm positive it's the exact opposite of that.

There is no time! Juke, you magnificent bastard! Juking is safest way to avoid anything!

Oh... and keep writing... your words are awesome to read. And as side bonus, continued writing could also grant you a degree of safety from the knife wielding editor... unless you typo. That might be unpleasant.

3047730 Two days later...

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Just keep on chugging.

3054709 no later than tomorrow, that's the time table deadline now.

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