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Architect of Realities

We are both the maker and the destroyer, our will bends and makes realms or agents whom act in our stead. Many fear us for we try to bring change weather great or small due to our scattered reasoning.

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Of Siren, Troubles and Materials · 4:24pm Apr 4th, 2015

We are introduced to the first siren in doom's world, though it is rather coincidental that she would end up where he would be going before events even happened. Her coming to Equestria is likely part of this 'storm god' prophecy, being heralded as she whom would find him, something 'fishy' is afoot. The pun is intended, though we have yet to see how a vague grasp of our doom is being referred to as a divine being of storms, whom rode upon a metal beast thundering of storms. *gives a quite the flat look.*

But as for the Siren in question, she will seem to be an interesting mare. Though not all of her physically is shown, as her species was known by another name long ago before being cursed and having lost their knowledge.

The news of a mass murder scene will likely shock Equestria, the coinciding of it happening in a den of rats hiding away having foalnapped ponies may also raise tensions. The victims may also a few could rise as villains of a different caliber, one might just to get their savior's attention while delving into more macabre acts to do so, perhaps melding armor onto some unlucky pony to try and catch their savior's likeness?

The Princesses in official form WILL likely push aggressively to uproot similar holes if not have a search for this mysterious mass murderer, which has not happened in their lands for a VERY long time. But this all depends on what is said or revealed, as no matter the intentions a life shouldn't be taken, even if Luna says otherwise. But the power ponies and others will know it was the very same mysterious pony now with a known siren, is behind said murders.

Also the first of many materials was revealed as for what doom will likely need in mass for his grand vessel. [Sky Iron]!

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Our friend SEASON 5 IS OUT!!!:pinkiehappy:

2945061 Though while we watch this, how does thou react to doom?

2945076 I have yet to read it but that's because I'm on vacation :P

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