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Architect of Realities

We are both the maker and the destroyer, our will bends and makes realms or agents whom act in our stead. Many fear us for we try to bring change weather great or small due to our scattered reasoning.


You Receive a Call · 5:07am Sep 20th, 2016

[Earth - Your House - This Very Moment]

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Hazzah! · 11:49pm Sep 16th, 2015

Our mortal puppet's writing appendage has been renewed, now we simply state that there will be a release of another chapter soon. Yes we have stated 'soon' before but because of our nature, we tend to be 'distracted' by other events. Also add into the translation period of time it takes not to have the mortal mind writing this could explode if done at the pace we could fathom.

Some of this will be hopefully, make up for when thy reading of our humans' tales continues such delays!

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Crippled Appendage · 12:14am Aug 23rd, 2015

We are sorry to state that the delays we suffer are from a medical sort, until tis in the clear we must regrettably focus on only brain storming as the mortal hands we use as puppets are half functional for now. Perhaps a week or two will result in recovery.

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A Blind Follower · 3:54pm Jul 3rd, 2015

We are curious mortal watchers, if our little Doom had followers. What species or tribe would it generally be? We offers some suggestions but we would accept hearing others.

Caribou = One or a couple tribes in the Region, which he'll sometime later in the story claim

Arachnids = The Spider Ponies, perfect patient hunters, whom are carnivorous and get drunk on coffee.

Centaurs = The species from which 'Lord Tirek' is from, subjugated magic eaters and bent to Doom's will.

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A day and Encounter · 2:29am Jun 15th, 2015

We apologize for the 'delays' of releasing what is to be next, though be assured that to make up for it we are adjusting it only to improve the experience our mortal watchers gazing through our eyes at what is beholden to us in our little human's start and others.

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Doom's Weapon · 8:43pm May 12th, 2015

If upon Doom's return to his universe, what speculated weapon would he have brought along with him? It could have been gotten by one means or another, but know that it must somehow compliment him.

We have so far two thoughts that may work, the first being from Cole Macgraph (two pronged lightning bat), the second being from Thrall(Doomhammer).

We would gladly accept other suggestions as well, do spark our interest for how we guide events.

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Blocks and Word Hammers. · 10:10pm Apr 18th, 2015

We are stating to our mortal viewers that we have been bombarded by blocks and have been with our appendages thinning them away so we may continue with our grand 'works' with our humans! *Grumbles* Even if they do not appreciate our inky work to twist and turn them for us. *Grumbles*

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Keys of Vaults · 4:30am Apr 13th, 2015

With the disappearance of the only crafted Vault Key by some intrepid 'Vault Hunters', a pair of younglings have through action of their own put our little human open for US. Now we only have to wait as the first vault must be sought, who knows what may transpire until then?

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Our Bastard's Power Lottery · 8:44pm Apr 11th, 2015

We shall reveal in time one whom we are still confused on being the sire or the barer, But these shall be the abilities he shalt take on in his life. Though as for how things transpire, we shall say he will be more than just our blood, but of royalty. The THOUGHTS alone are exciting! Also worrying, we've never had a bastard before. Hmmmm, but these will be what our first born is having which may make him quite formidable in time, but like all things he may be rather grumpy being a tiny

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Of Siren, Troubles and Materials · 4:24pm Apr 4th, 2015

We are introduced to the first siren in doom's world, though it is rather coincidental that she would end up where he would be going before events even happened. Her coming to Equestria is likely part of this 'storm god' prophecy, being heralded as she whom would find him, something 'fishy' is afoot. The pun is intended, though we have yet to see how a vague grasp of our doom is being referred to as a divine being of storms, whom rode upon a metal beast thundering of storms. *gives a quite

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