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We are both the maker and the destroyer, our will bends and makes realms or agents whom act in our stead. Many fear us for we try to bring change weather great or small due to our scattered reasoning.

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You Receive a Call · 5:07am Sep 20th, 2016

[Earth - Your House - This Very Moment]

In the background the television is blaring with a news channel, a rather odd news report that even every staff member had been on the receiving end themselves by Phone, Cell Phone or even Email. By voice if answered or text message if you had not, three sentences were stated that offered quite possibly 'the world' one question with two answers or none at all. But those who had chosen ended up with a strange pure gold coin of a unknown minting that held a mostly human-like equine image with a horn and wings raised proudly, it's weight being far more than anyone thought possible let alone to try contacting the other end again.

"If you were given the choice of either option one, or option two, which would you decide? The Hyperion Corporation will offer a single time only payout, those who refuse to decide on a outcome will be omitted from the end result. We thank you for your time, expect us in the near future." Spoke a masculine voice that anyone who had heard a Boarderlands trailer let alone played any of the games would outright scream in shock, investigations had even led to the temporary arrest of the voice actor who played 'Handsome Jack' only to be cleared with no leads to follow besides his own shock to this situation.

Some people sold the gold coin their answer got them, many others turned them over to the governments to be investigated, while others few still did keep the coins even in quiet or as their good luck charm. Yet none of them will come to realize the dreaded impact such a simple choice will have, at least for now.

'Though what is the answer YOU decided on?'

Comments ( 12 )

Option 1 in the hopes of it being the good choice....

It's hard to say since the options aren't really that clear and what they give neither is very clear.

But I'll take option... 2?

Just to be different, I take option 2...last time Handsome Jack made an offer to my Vault Hunter the second option payed more...though I did become his bitch...eh, still worth it.

2, can i get an extra order of doom with my that please?

Hehe I woild say both because you never know unless you ask.

2 for the S&Gs
4218436 good point

4218436 Thou may chose only a single option, though nice try our little viewer.

4218691 hmmm than I choose 1.

Option one

One question, one chance and one answer. 1

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