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Architect of Realities

We are both the maker and the destroyer, our will bends and makes realms or agents whom act in our stead. Many fear us for we try to bring change weather great or small due to our scattered reasoning.

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Doom's Weapon · 8:43pm May 12th, 2015

If upon Doom's return to his universe, what speculated weapon would he have brought along with him? It could have been gotten by one means or another, but know that it must somehow compliment him.

We have so far two thoughts that may work, the first being from Cole Macgraph (two pronged lightning bat), the second being from Thrall(Doomhammer).

We would gladly accept other suggestions as well, do spark our interest for how we guide events.

Comments ( 9 )

His signature Chair?

3065081 How would one wield a chair of that size in combat without looking silly?

3065091 Did you not see Doom's Level 3 special in MvC3?

3065128 We may put this up for a future form of 'style' transportation and combat use.

The ultimate nulifier, terminator scemetics, doom bot,

3065670 We provided an example of held weapon or weapons, we were curious what others may have brought forth.

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