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    Writer's Recap: The Shape of Things to Come

    This chapter served really as a final wrap-up, and a way to show the progress that Twilight’s made. Reasonably, you wouldn’t see much progress after only a week, but that wasn’t the point. All else I would say is we shouldn’t think too harshly of Twilight: If your first encounter with a group was them kicking in the door on your brother’s wedding, shooting your mentor in the chest, tying everyone

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  • 14 weeks
    Writer's Recap: Everything Is Going to Be Fine

    This was another chapter that tasked me, in part because all I knew was that Twilight was going to address the town, and that it was going to end with, “Everything was going to be fine.”

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  • 14 weeks
    Writer's Recap: What Ponies Believe In

    It’s been a while since I started this chapter and I don’t remember all the details, but I’m confident that what started it all was the line, “You weren’t ever a bad friend.”

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    Writer's Recap: The Other Stranger

    I actually had a pretty easy time with this one. The only real challenge I had was trying to find the right flow and the appropriate content. Once I had that, the words more or less fell into place without too much struggle on my part.

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  • 14 weeks
    Writer's Recap: What Nymphs Want

    Blog up early.

    Best you read the chapter first.

    Another transition chapter, I actually managed to get this in mostly one go, although it did still take several months to actually get down to writing it because I took a break in the middle.

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Oh, Fluttershy · 1:56am Apr 3rd, 2015

Why you so easy to write? It's almost like you're tapping directly into my innate desire to show the world that it's really not such a bad place to live.

Additionally, you will also notice soon a new addition to the right-hand items on my profile, simply titled "In the Bin." "The Bin" is simply a generalized repository of story ideas that I either have, or am currently working on. This includes fully realized works, and also miscellaneous ideas that don't quite have enough meat yet to be full stories. There will be some general statistics provided only, but no promise about anything.

This is less for all of you, and more for me, because it provides a convenient place for me to track everything I'm working on without having to shuffle through all my files.

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