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Sudden News and TVtropes! · 9:12pm Jun 29th, 2012

Alright my children, to you it seems like I've been away for a while, but actually I've been lurking in the background as I try to force words onto a word document with people screaming at me from all sides to go write for them or to join them on City of Heroes (Find me on Virtue, @Dark Sereth if you play, not enough bronies for me to talk to)

Yes I can hear you all now, "Ex Nihilos how dare you make commitments to other people and blatantly lying about never putting this story on hold!"

"Well I couldn't agree more," I say as Mascara stains my cheeks and tears flow from my red marked eyes! And I'm not even wearing mascara, go figure. Anyway details, so basically what's been happening is I've had a bit of a writer's crisis for this story, one of those things where you look at your writing and then a great writer's (in this case Mark Twain's) and say "my writing is doo-doo! I don't deserve to call myself a writer, let alone call myself literate!"

Cliche, illogical inferiority complex and all that, no need to bore you with the details. What YOU want is news on the next chapter, and I will say its about 1.2k words in... I know that's tiny and I shouldn't call myself a man with a thing that size, but hey it's a grower.

I'm gonna put it on the fast track again, whether I like it or not, and try my best to mute those other people trying to grab my attention.


We now have a wonderful new TVtropes page made by our very own Crow T R0bot. You sir are a scholar and a gentleman, SHOWER HIM IN YOUR LOVE.

Alright that's it for now, I'm still alive, this won't be on hiatus anymore (not that it ever was... maybe... yes... no), and... what's a third thing... raiuguiorehoe, there's your third thing.

OH! TWO MORE THINGS! So that makes five...

I have some other stories in the works, wonderful ideas that I'll just put on hold for a tiny bit. So even after this story gets done I'll still keep writing.

AND, Pinkiefloyd and her story Apples and Ink Blots need more love, so give her story a chance and offset that red line on her story. The girl's got talent as an artist AND a writer, that's two things more than me! SHOWER HER WITH LOVE DAMN IT!

With Best Wishes,
Ex-Nihilos 'Out-of-Nothing'

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"I don't deserve to call myself a writer, let alone call myself literate!"

You're supposed to offer the lesser example first, then the greater example. It's easier to be literate than it is to be a writer, so you should say "I don't deserve to call myself literate, let alone call myself a writer!" Hope this helps! :scootangel:

I feel you, brah. I've really got to get over that complex.

203181 Anyone can be a writer! It's being literate that's hard.

Lurking in the background you say iv seen you there i can lurk better than YOU!!

Sorry to be a pedantic nitpicker, it's simply what I do best. :twilightsheepish:
To be literate means "knowing how to read and write". Unless there is some level of irony here that simply passed me by, I think you meant to say "I don't deserve to call myself a writer, let alone call myself a literary man!"

Well, I can wait. And by the way, your writing is solid. Yes, some writers are phenomenal, but that doesn't mean you are bad. It just means you have room to grow, which to me is always better than being the best and nowhere to go. I'm sure that what you learned from beating yourself up will make your writing that much better. God speed, you magnificent son of a bitch.

Remember that you have me to thank for putting it in the FanFic Recommendations in the first place. :raritywink:

Don't tell Haku what to do!

... you play CoH? On Virtue?
I'm in not one, but TWO pony hero SGs on Virtue (Elements of Harmony and Ponyville), and one pony villain SG (Shadowbolts).

... in fact, I think I've seen your global handle in one of the pony channels.

I'm @Chakat Streak, and most of the time when I'm playing these days I'll be on either Mistress Fluttershy or Glittering Dusk. If you see me online, definitely hit me up.

203730 Aw I haven't forgotten mate! I can't thank you enough either for the recommendation!

204522 -You're- Glittering Dusk? Bloody 'ell we've talked before then. Yep I only recently found the brony community on there and joined the City of Ponies Chat Channel! I'll look you up next time I'm online!

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