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    If you haven't read this, you need to

    Fresh from the "it's a crime if this doesn't get featured" list, is the short story Riverdream At Sunset.

    It's written as an 1800's period piece, with trappings more than reminiscent of Doyle or Verne and absolutely hits the spot on the whole look and feel.

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    I blame it on Terry Pratchett

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    state of the bunny, 2015

    So it's a new year.

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    santa middymas is coming to town

    I made a list, I checked it twice. Not sure to find out how is naughty or nice...

    Anywag, the winners of my admittedly haphazard and wonky contest were:

    Sypher Magical Trevor
    Professor Plum

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kilopone update · 10:36pm Dec 24th, 2014

ytem the first: I forgot to buy cake. All I have is sponge cake. much wailing and gnashing of teeth to be had

ytem the secondde: I'll be picking a winrar of the previous post (which is still open) a day later than I originally intended because I've actually got people here and don't really feel like trying to sort it all out. The good news is, anyone who hasn't posted still gets to.

ytem the third: I'll either pick some games if I see something cool or give you some monies to a steam wallet. I'll tell the winners by PM and then name and shame you in the next post after this one.

happy hearth's warming!

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Comments ( 2 )

Sounds like a plan!

Happy Hearth's Warming

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