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How Ex Nihilos ended it all... · 10:39pm Jun 12th, 2012

I made good on my promise! I went to that bridge and got rid of that damn table that's been stinking of me place for the past week. Seriously ugly looking thing where one of me mates carved the word Life into it because it looked like mold was growing within it.

Why I kept the stupid thing is beyond me and why I tossed it over a bridge is between me and the homeless person I consult with. He's also my tax consultant too... I pay him in crack.


For some reason people thought I'd be killing meself, now that's just absurd! I might be a bitter and hateful person but I'm not one to toss meself over a bridge.

I'd go with something more extreme like sky diving without a parachute, fighting a tiger, or going to Hurt Village and shouting the N word.

but yeah what else is going on... ummm, well new chapter of Rorschach. Sort of coming along and I'm sorry for the really long wait, I thought being out of college would give me more free time but in the end for some reason its the exact opposite. Doesn't help either I have major writer's block. One of those deals where you know what's going to happen next but you have no idea how to put it in words.

So that's about it, not killing myself, not leaving any fandom (though I am still shaking my fist at Trekkies with a different reason), and I'm still writing.

Oh and I do have future projects in mind that have captured my attention on several occasions so Rorschach in Equestria isn't the only thing I'm working on.

That's it, questions, concerns, go below and I will answer them unless I'm feeling lethargic or whatever.

Ah! And thanks for all the bacon!


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Comments ( 19 )

Frankly, Nihl, if your last blog post reads like it does... you need to pick better phrasing when you're joking.

... as a few other folks mentioned, there's some that seem to threaten suicide every other week on here, so it's getting hard to tell who's serious and who isn't.

I know exactly how you feel when you know what you want but you can't put it into words.

ye for da bacon's. =3

171301 All I said was drawn in crayon... course the comment was in bad tastes. I give you that. I am a horrible person sometimes, what can I say?

171302 Be a bit long to go into detail but awhile back I mentioned several story ideas that I've been working on. One or two of those I'm still working on but some are new ideas I got. Again can't really go into too much elaborate detail but if it looks like I'm getting some major headway on them I'll release spoilers.

Damnit, you just smashed all my hopes of getting a new author for Rorschach.... maybe I'll come personally and throw you down a bridge, so you're reunited with your table.
Heartless monster, sacrificing that poor wooden construct to mother nature, I think you'll even deserve it...

Regardless, what about writing some good old-fashioned clop?

Beware of unhapPINESS.


171316 ...... I shouldn't even answer that question but I did say I'd answer questions sooo... awhile back me mate Imperius, another author here, challenge me to elaborate on that horrid RorscxTrixie abomination I made. I scrapped it and started from scratch and uh... it went places, out of character place that makes me want to set myself on fire but places nonetheless. As for other clop... maybe... I am thinking of trying my hand at a sarcastic 2nd person story that might have some clop but only if the story went there.

I say nothing more.

171311 That involves physical contact with Haku, that's not going to happen.

You bastard you made me worried xDDDDDD

Jeez boyo, want a swig of me whiskey? or what do you like?

You should keep a bottle of the good stuff when you feel bored or down. Does wonders for me.:pinkiehappy:

Dammit Ex, why you gotta go and raise Haku's hope only to beat with a sledge hammer? That's rude, you know?

171450 Smirnoff is delicious but does weird things with my head so Smirnoff is a no-no for creativity spikes.

All alcohol is good for something. Mainly headaches and spouse abuse/murder.
Do like beer?

Hey hey hey hey



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