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The best way to relieve stress. End of discussion. · 8:48pm Jul 13th, 2014

So work has been stressful as *BLEEP* for the last few days, and I really needed a break. Like a real chance to go have some fun, let off some steam, relax and generally have a good time. So what would be the most logical answer?

Strap myself to a piece of metal and get thrown around like a ragdoll for a few minutes at a time? Hell yeah!

So, me and some friends went to Thorpe Park, an awesome theme park in the middle of the UK, and let me just tell you, this was exactly what I needed. I'm battered and bruised. My legs still ache from walking around so much, and the chafing on my inner thigh is absolute agony right now. There are visible marks on my shoulders where I've been thrown about into ride restraints. My shoes are still damp, even about 24 hours after I got off the last of the water rides. And when I got home last night, when it had gone past 1am, I absolutely reeked of BO, which had earned me some rather uncomfortable looks from the people I was sat next to on the train.

Beats a Spa, any day.

I went with awesome people too, and I have pics to prove that I'm not a loner that fun times were had! You'll easily spot me, in my awesome shades and purple Derpy shirt:

Me, Kitty and Cloudy queuing for Nemesis Inferno:

A large group of us in the Stealth queue:

And again:

Me and Cloudy on the front seat of Stealth:

Me, Dyney and Kris having a random non-sexual moment:

A load of us queuing for the appropriately named 'Tidal Wave':

And the same group after the appropriately named 'Tidal Wave':

Catching up to the inferior boat in front of us on the rapids:

And the last photo of the day, just after we got off Saw:

But my self-humiliation doesn't end here! No, not a chance! See, Thorpe Park do this special thing with the on-ride photos you can buy. Instead of having them printed then and there, they can give you a receipt code to redeem online. So crystal clear pics that don't get creased and ruined by being lugged about in your bag all day? Bargain.

Me and Dyney on Colossus, with S80LAR falling asleep behind us:

Me, Kitty and Dyney on Nemesis Inferno. We were meant to all pull swag faces, but I forgot:

Me and Cloudy going punk rock on The Swarm:

The group of us on the appropriately named 'Tidal Wave'. Yes, the plushies got soaked:

And to finish off, Stealth. I have both a video and an on-ride photo for you. You can actually hear me screaming in the vid, as well as see me put my arms up in anticipation of the launch. All I can say about Stealth, is that there is no way I can possibly describe the acceleration on it. It took us an hour and a half to queue for a ride that lasted thirty seconds. Worth it!

And the on-ride photo for this, which is amazing, in case you didn't see my face in the video there. Please note my 'f*** yeah!' expression, Cloudy's 'omfggetmeoffthisthing!' expression, and also the... interesting expression of the person behind us:

Best. Day. Ever!

Now, to do some damn writing...


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Glad to see you had a great time and, YAY! Writing!

You strap yourself to it and get bruised and battered? Odd, normally I have to strap my victims in with force and sedatives.


I've been to thorpe park a few weeks ago, and IT IS AWESOME!!
On a side note: I wanna go again!!

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