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    Seasons Greetings!

    It's that time of year again!

    Thank you all for the love and support on my next big project, the curious tale of a big-eared, silver-tongued, no-nonsense little donkey. Maybe the next chapter in her journey will be less in need of her deadpan humour?

    We can only hope.

    To show her gratitude for how much her story (so far) has been appreciated, she has this little message for you!

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    This one goes out to Skijarama!

    Discord Writes a Letter went down phenomenally well, it spent nearly a week in the Featured Box, and then a further few days dancing between the Popular Box and occasionally back up into Featured. Reception to it was amazing, I'm so pleased my take on several well known fandom fanfic tropes was recieved so positively.

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    Morning all!

    You know, these days I'm largely writing for myself. Which is to say, I'm no longer hugely concerned with getting as many views as possible. Story ideas occur in my head, and I write them out because I enjoy the satisfaction of them being transcribed into reality where other people may also read them. Ten people, ninety people, a thousand, honestly it's inconsequential.

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    How Things Are

    Phew. It's been a minute, huh guys?

    At this point, I'm not even especially sure how many people will read this. But there's some therapeutic gains to be had by getting thoughts written down, so here we go. An update. If you're reading, here, have a cookie.

    Hooray! Nutrition!

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Update, Allergies and AMA-zings · 1:54pm Jun 22nd, 2014

I know you Scotch-verse fans have been very patient with regards to the final chapter of the saga, so thank you very much for that. For your patience, I can confirm that I have more-or-less settled into my new job and new routine, enough so that I've had a bit of time to put aside for writing.

So, what progress has been made on 'On The Rocks'? A little bit. I wrote out a small plot synopsis, then a bullet-point list of the event progression in the story. I may move this about to see how the story feels when played out in different ways, but other than that, I can confirm that the first few hundred words of the story have been written. Eeeyup, progress!

Now, some of you may know I suffer from Hay Fever. Well, last night I had a horrific spell of it. Literally to the point where breathing became agony, and where my eyes were swollen shut. I'd taken pills, nasal spray, eye drops, had honey on toast, and even spread copious amounts of vaseline (petroleum jelly) around my nose to ease the aching. May as well not bothered with any of that, considering how little difference it made. Anyone else who suffers like me, any tips?

And finally, something I've seen Greatodyer do a couple of times and fancied giving a try myself: an Ask Me Anything. Yup. Anything.

To participate in this fabulous event, just send me a PM with any questions you want answered. It could be about me, my stories, my life, my time in the Brony fandom, literally anything. Via PM please, any questions asked in the comments section won't be counted. You have until 8pm tomorrow, just over 29 hours, to send me your questions. Ask away, my sexy minions!

That's all for now, stay beautiful.

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Comments ( 3 )

For hay fever, try lying in a cold room with a flannel over your eyes.

I find that using any form of anti histamine tablet relieves my hayfever, but not one of those once a day things. They are useless

I know that feel. Not only do I have hay fever, I'm actually allergic to some of the allergy medicines to boot. Irony hates me.

Only thing I ever figured to do was to lock myself inside with all the windows sealed up. Which sucks, because I've never lived anywhere with air con, but melting in a hot house is still better than dealing with allergies at their worst. Usually.

Best wishes.

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