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AAMA Answers (Oh God... Here We Go). · 4:24am Jun 20th, 2014

Sorry these took so long. I've actually been quite busy with stuff. One of these stuff I'll tell you about in a different blog I might write a bit later. But you know what you're here for... The answers. So lets get started.


Oh my god... you guys don't listen...

Well, just to humor you, I don't know when I'll update it. What I do know is that the chapter will be titled Watersport. Just let that sink in.... and no... it's not the watersport you think :rainbowwild:

TheVClaw: What's your preference? Coke or Pepsi?
I don't like dark drinks that much, but I do like both of their products. However, if I had to go with the product line, I'd go with whatever Sierra Mist has. Whatever team that is on, I'm good.

Toa Coy: How you be?
I be's good enough

Normal: How big is your cock? :pinkiecrazy:
*Gets Rarity's ruler*

Well wouldn't you like to know :trollestia:. Wouldn't matter anyways. On the internet, anytime you say it's bigger than five inches, you're lying. So... it's still a mystery.

FictionFreek: Top of Bottom?
As long as it's with a girl, I really don't care :twilightblush:

MidnightSpark23: D'you like em thick?(em meaning cocks, white women, women in general, etc)
I like my milkshakes pretty creamy actually. Especially chocolate :moustache:

Ultimate Overlord: Could I ask why the dialogue in the Teenage Dragon story was so awkward compared to your other works? Because that was some really awkwardly-written dialogue, and the rest of your output seems fairly good, at least.
Couldn't tell you honestly. I didn't get too many complaints about his character when I wrote it, but I could only assume it's because I wrote it in quick burst to meet a deadline. It was originally for a Cloptober contest, so there's that. These things might be adressed if I do a sequel, which might happen cause a few friends requested it... (Damn it Vexy)

ShagDragon: Are you like tar black? Or brown?
Brown with red jelly on the inside.

DE_K: But ok, where does your main inspiration for your stories come from?
I don't really know. Sometimes it happens from looking at pictures. Sometimes I'm sitting in the shower and it comes to me. Sometimes I panic cause I don't know where my headphones are, and they're brand new and I get really pissed and find them under my cover....

And then the idea just comes.

But the main inspiration from most of them really... might just be my love for creative writing in both books, tv, and games. Might have noticed some references as such in some stories. It's hard to say. I might have to think on this more.

LastFamousWords: What is your favourite colour?
Probably red. Yeah... definately red. Everything badass has been red. Knuckles. Guilmon. Zuko.... cause fire?.... that was a stretch yeah :/. But possibly red. Not it's gay cousin, Pink. That's a terrible color xp.


1. The day is Friday, June 13 of the year of 2014. Using this information, how many times was Julius Caesar stabbed by a cheese grater?
I lost count after the 10th :twilightoops:

2. If your favourite pony were Twilight, how much would it have changed your life?
Implying ponies changed my life to begin with. But if she was my favorite, all that would happen is that AJ or Rarity would be pushed down to 2/3rd and Fluttershy would be the new 5th. Pinkie... you know where you'd be at xp.

3. Do you believe that if Rainbow Dash were to sonic rainboom over your house that the rainbow fallout would most likely make you a pony?
Depends on if I live through it.

4. How are you today?
Worse than yesterday. Better than tomorrow. But still pretty good ;p.

5. Spike is sitting next to you. What do?
Snuggle the shit out of him.

6. Rarity suddenly appears while you do whatever you are doing with Spike. What do?
Snuggle him harder just to make her jealous, and then probably invite her to tea. Provided a horn isn't jabbed through my heart by then.

7. You then realize that you drank really old milk and are hallucinating. How many tears were shed on that day?
This video is an accurate representation of what would happen.

8. If you were Rarity, who would you kill first?

9. There are always two choices in life: yes or no. But if the third choice can't be neither, what else is there?

10. 2+2= ?
Uh... 22? :derpyderp2:

11. Do you really have a dragon soul within you? If so, let me hear you shout.

Oh yeah... it's that basey :moustache:

12. Ever gone hunting?
Yes, and loved every minute of it. Sure, I love animals, but you know what else I love? Dear meat... and I will fucking shoot 100 of them... and then get kicked out... but still 100 of them if not just for their food. Hunting for the sport though... that's just dumb :/.

13. There are many things in this world that are a mystery to us all. What is the biggest mystery in the world to you?
What makes humanity tick?

14. How many question are you willing to answer? XP I guess I'll get my answer sometime soon.
I'm insane, so all

15. What kind of story is your favourite to write?
Romance/Slice of Life/Adventure's. Stuff around those lines

16. Do failures define victories?
Only if you capitilize on the failures and use them as tools.

17. Is the struggle real?
It is very real my brother.

18. Who is your favourite author, both on Fim Fic and in real life? If you cannot decide, throw out some names.
Really? By now you must know I idolize The Descendent as one of the greatest writers on the site xD. As for favorite writer, I either think of Steven King or Maya Angelou

19. Mortal Combat or Street Fighter?

20. Did I answer your question?
Did you answer?! You asked literally 20 questions! x.x Jesus. The last time someone did this (Bad_Seed) my fingers went numb xp.

Next up is Selkie. Thankfully this guy was shorter xD

what is your favorite book?

what is your favorite comic?


Who do you think Spike sees as his mother like figure?
If I was gonna go by Faust canon, probably Celestia. At least that's what I would like to believe. Definitely would give her more character

what is your favoriteanime or manga?
Anime is Cowboy Bebop, or Manga for One Piece. Both are fantastic and I highly recommend them.

Spiderman here: What is your favorite fetish? :rainbowkiss:
Femdom. And maybe roleplay....

Don't be shocked if you see a fic like this coming to a FIMFic near you.

NotARealPonydotcomWhere did you find that Spike drawing? I seriously can't find it anywhere else.

Click the image. It'll take you there.

Between Line:
Who would you ship spike with after rarity?

I need to update this actually...

If Lavender didn't exist, what do you think a Sparity child of your own design would be like?
I honestly don't know. I like Kilala's design, but I would have to be more original. Maybe female again with the mane of the mother but draconic nature of Spike. I would have to sit down and design/draw them myself. Yeah... might do that one afternoon.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this AMA. I got some interesting questions. I hope you got the answers you were looking for, and if not, then too bad xp. I hope to entertain you guys more in the future, and with that, tomorrow you'll get an update you guys have been waiting for for a loong loooong time. With that, I offer you cuteness to close.

Next update of Lavender is in the works before the fic cleaning btw...

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I like a creamy chocolate milkshake from time to time, but I prefer Strawberry.

Prepar for a picture of you snuggling the shit out of spike (assuming I have the motivation to do it)

You draw/make it, I'll post it :twilightblush:

Not it's gay cousin, Pink. That's a terrible color xp.

It's not pink, it's lightish-red!

Spiderman here: What is your favorite fetish? :rainbowkiss:
Femdom. And maybe roleplay....

Ah, you have impeccable taste I see. Femdom is only the best fetish out there (disclaimer: this is an opinion of course).

And the following picture is certainly... strange. And yet... oddly arousing.

Anyways, good show!


...so close, yet so far

It was late, aight xp :derpyderp1:

2221511 on another note, I need to update my Spike x Cadence fic, also. It seems people absolutely loved it, or thought it was horrid to break up Shining and Cadence. :rainbowderp:

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