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Wolf Children: Biology Rolls in It's Grave · 2:43am Nov 30th, 2014

Oh I've been haunted by this movie for the longest and I have returned to this site, to face you guys head on and tell you about this film. Why? Well, it's like my duty now. I have to tell you, what the magic of this movie about a woman raising two wolf human babies is like...Okay quite honestly this movie has been popping up around me too much recently. Like I feel it's gonna fucking kill me if I don't do this!

It'll Never Go Away

Before I start talking about it, I should probably set the stage and tell you who this guy that made this movie is. The director, Mamoru Hosoda, or otherwise known as that guy who made that Digimon Movie you probably didn't watch as a kid. Or as he's better known nowadays the guy who made such films The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars, both of which he was lauded for. Wolf Children on the other hand is his most lauded film to date, outgrossing his other works and winning numerous awards and praises with a 93 on Rotten Tomato. And that's pretty odd considering the context of this movie. It's about our heroine Hana, having wolf children. No, these are not adopted. They were not cursed from birth. These are half wolf, half human, mutant babies that even Charles Darwin would go WTF to. That PG rating should be taken as loosely as possible, cause there are some themes here that even I think is too much for a "kids movie", and I don't mind sexual innuendo's in family shows. The writers of this movie try to hide this obvious fact but every now and then, they slip up, and you get to see the reality of what you watched.

So what I'm gonna do is give you about the first 30 minutes of the film in summary and then tell you how I felt about it as a whole. Well..in all that will probably happen within the first 30 minutes is Yuki talking about peeing on an animal to assert her dominance since this is nearly 2 hours long but whatever. Let's just start.

We start out with Hana in college, noticing this edgy looking hipster dude taking notes in class. For some reason the people don't care or notice, but in college that's not too surprising. Half the class in my college room is sleep so who would be attentive with obvious love interest in the corner. So they hit it off and talk for quite some time, developing themselves and learning everything but the guys name! This guy is literally NoName. So after learning everything, he then reveals his identity as a wolf and the next scene she's like okay you're still you. And then...this happens.

First ten minutes of the film, and already they're entering interspecies sex. Like, they don't care. Japan isn't gonna get yelled at for this. This is Wolf Children: you expected anything else? I really hope not.

So after their night of romance, they form a relationship and through a string of clips, you see that she has a baby named Yuki, the rambunctious scamp you deal with for a good bit of the movie. After the oh so pleasant first experience they have another one, and this one is a boy named Ume. All is fine and dandy until Hana finds her husband in wolf form laying dead in a ditch, being put in a garbage bag and put in a garbage compactor. You know...FOR KIDS :pinkiesmile:

And then from that point on, she fulfills her promise to the Wolfman (does not have a name remember) and raises the kids, giving them the opportunity to choose wether they want to be a wolf or a human. And...that's pretty much the first 30 minutes. Yeah, not even 1/4th of the way into the movie btw. This is a long film. I could go into what happens throughout before they move to the country but then that would spoil the little magic. And there are no musical ques in the movie with singing or nothing...cause this film ain't into all that. If you wanted a musical, you should watch a musical film.

This is Wolf Children. We've already established earlier with that sex scene that they care not about your silly American ways. So instead how about you choose who your favorite of the three main protagonist are, what you like the most of them and if you're invested in seeing their story fully. Oh right, you don't actually know the kids well enough yet, so you can't really say anything. Here, let me sum them up for you

Your lovable heroes ladies and gents

So did I like it? Yeah. Would I watch it again? Actually I would! Is it something I would recommend? Well...I don't know how easy that is. Some of you probably already ran away when you saw that title, and I don't blame any skepticism. Hell, some people are uncomfortable with Brokeback Mountain and Her, so I don't expect many to swallow this easily. But for what it's worth, it's a phenomenally fresh movie that doesn't need to work on cliques to tell a story. It's so refreshing seeing an animated feature that not only takes some risk but does so without bastardizing the story, and it's also kind of sad that I have to wait for a movie with relateable characters instead of the royalties that always have a happy ending through the power of love and friendship. And you know, yeah, despite out of place scenes at times, I'd say this was one of the better animated movies when it came out. I don't regret the 2 hours I sat to watch mutant babies, and I don't think you will either.

Wolf Children ladies and gents. Give it a go if the idea doesn't turn you away. It's a great film that deserves all the praises it got. Solid find.


On that note, hi guys. You might have noticed that I have been gone for a while and then pop back up with this blog unrelated to anything I'm working on. Well....there are more mutant children to come around... Keep an eye out for that update box....

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.......wtf? This is aworrying treand that is apearing.

That is a lot of reading, so I'll just say this: Yay Furries and there is a typo in the blogs title.

I honestly don't know what to think about this movie, and I haven't seen it yet; however, considering that Summer Wars is my third favorite movie of all time (right below WALL-E and Dawn of the Dead ('78 version)), I'll definitely give this a watch sometime when I get the chance.

I don't even blame your skepticism. Like I said, it's a strange strange film..but that's part of the reason I like it (other than the 70% beautiful animation, cuteness, and overall quality). Totally would understand if you didn't watch though

While I have yet to full watch this film, this is one of those films that is a must watch as animation fan and the story. Sweet Mata Nui, is it good.

I'll give it a go someday

Sounds.. Interesting. I'll search it up later or something.

The end credits song is beautiful.

I honestly liked it, though your well founded in you opinion, and thank you for reminding me to re-watch that for the nice grumpy old man who reminds me of my grandfather.

Gentle breeze guide your way, a warm smile welcome your return.

Honestly, I would willingly watch this. Something about those Japanese "family" films (cue Miyazaki) always entice me. Even if I have to suffer through young wolf-humans futzing about for most of the time. It seems like a really nice movie.

Summary, Magic and Japanise spiritualism/Religion.

So I watched the full movie today. Considering Summer Wars is one of my favorite movies of all time, I couldn't help to had high expectations for this movie. What do I think of it? Well I thought it was a good movie. It wasn't better than Summer Wars but that's ok with me. One of the few things that bugs me about this movie is the ending. It is one of the most unsatified, vague, rushed endings I have ever seen. I don't want to spoil anything but do not expect to have detailed explanations of what happens to the main characters. I still would watch this again though. Overall, I give this movie a 8/10. Give it a chance if you haven't already.

I kept seeing this on my tumblr dash so I found the wiki page for it and reading the summary, man I thought he was like, some kinda of werewolf-type thing seeing how he could go between the two forms at will(at least that was what I got from the gifs on my dash). Not like, a wolf-wolf. That's just, weird.At a werewolf/something similar would be less weird.

I love this movie , it's by for my favorite.:heart::pinkiegasp:

He would be a yokai(spirit animal). They're different from regular animal. Like the kitsune(female fox) or the selkie(female seal) that can turn into a female human. Most stories have them fall in love with a male human and having children with them.

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