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The Awakening (A Little Chat) · 3:44am Feb 12th, 2015

Well here we are. It's been a minute hasn't it. In fact, many of you probably thought I abandoned this site... That unfortunately was almost true. If you've been keeping track with some of my...ever so "enthusiastic" past comments, it'll be no surprise to you that my interest in FIM, and writing pone stories has waned. I won't completely say I hate doing it, but my interest have shifted to other areas. Though at the same time, that does not mean that I will not be working on stories for the site. I'll further explain what I mean later.

What I should probably do first is tell you why I was dormant for so long. Though honestly, crying dead after two months is a little early don't ya think? The main reason though that I left outside of waning interest is that I felt like I was obligated to actually write for you guys. I don't know why? Maybe it was the intimidation that 1000 of you people were bloody watching me, and still are for some odd reason. Being perfectly honest, I never intended to get popular. I would have been content being that guy who sat and wrote stories with his 200 followers as a pastime. Having followers meant having to disappoint some people if I decided I wanted to quit, and that was what made me want to quit. But instead I just decided to take a break from the site altogether for a while until I felt like I wanted to come back.

The next major reason is that during this drought period, something exciting (to me at the very least) happened. I got accepted to an affordable college with an animation degree. So starting next semester, I will be pursuing that. But during that time up to this fall, I'm going to be preparing myself for it, trying to get some skills and working towards my own goal. I've also been working on personal projects that takes pages upon pages of work to get done and I've just not had the drive or energy to actually wanna write fanfics. It got to the point where I'd rather put my hard work in something for myself.

So then, why even come back at all? Well, it's really a matter of me wanting to finish a few things, maybe bring a few new (but not really long) things here every now and again. My goal is this: it won't start immediately, but the moment I post a fic or chapter, which hopefully will be Helping the Dweeb update, I will attempt to post bi monthly. Yes, if all goes well and I don't slack off, at the very least I'll try to write something bi monthly. Don't get it twisted, that doesn't mean I'll update bimonthly, but every two weeks missed means a bigger plan is in action. It could be a brand new one shot, or a short story, or even a special Lavender update. Additionally, just so you guys don't think I'm dead again I'll keep you guys all entertained with the lovely reads of my oftentimes overly analytical blogs (cause I know you all LOOOOOVE those). Iunno...just something to show you guys that I'm not sitting around watching Evangelion all day

Though I don't really need an excuse to do that now do I?

So...what else is there to say today? Nothing much really...

All I can think of is that I've awoken hoard, and I hope you all are patient with me...

Also...season 5 preview was pretty much the same as San Diego Comic Con, so I won't be talking about it. If you want to know what I think, refer to this blog. GOODNIGHT!

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