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So... I had this Fic Idea... But... · 7:23pm May 30th, 2012

Peroth: Could I eMail you something? I wrote a part of a story. The idea came to me in a dream and it seems interesting but I get the feeling it might be a bit... out there.

Friend: Most of what you write is 'out there'.

Peroth: Growing Pains deals with expanding the world beyond Equestria. This one involves Dumbledore and an eldritch abomination beyond comprehension trying to convince Twilight to join a multi-dimensional protection agency.

Friend: ...

Peroth: When I mean "out-there", I mean "OUT-THERE".

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Why would an eldritch abomination want to recruit Twilight to a multi-dimensional protection agency? Or did you just mean an eldritch entity? Things can be eldritch without being abominable. :P

... Unless Twilight joining the agency would set into motion an eons-long chessmaster'ish plan to destroy the omniverse. :applejackconfused:

... I can get behind this story idea...

Excellent tic idea. I'd read it. :twilightsmile:

Well, that is certainly out-there. You should consider a unit of measurement detailing just how far "out-there" something is. Might I suggest wats? Similar to watts, but different and not electric at all.

My question is do we still get Rainbow Dash with awesome self replicating abilities? And that's not the furthest out thing I've heard of... :pinkiecrazy:

143689 Different continuity so NO! Unless I feel like it.

Either way sounds like a good story :twilightsmile: have fun writing it :pinkiehappy:

Edit: forgot to reply oops 143694

So, basically the Avengers, but with ponies and wizards and shit.

Actually, I can see it working out with Dumbledore as a Nick Fury stand-in, Harry Dresden, Twilight, and thats all I got. Could be good.

Who you gonna call?

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