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I'll make it a Sunday release. · 11:37pm Apr 23rd, 2014

I know I said Friday. But I changed my mind. I think there will probably be more people looking to kill time on a Sunday, so the next chapter of Paradise will be released Sunday evening. What time, you ask? Time is an illusion*. Like the internet

*(Around seven-ish, I guess)

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Wait... there is a new update?

There will be. On Sunday.

Yes, o Pinkie... Eat your Trix! Trix is delicious! (But more so are Reese's Puffs!)

But 7-ish for who?! I must know*!

(*not really)

Also, damn, stealing from my typical writing time, the hours before having to sleep before the work week restarts. Oh well.

At this point your teasing...

Love your story, by the way.

AHHHHH! :pinkiegasp: LBR! I was hoping you'd still be around!

I may be a tease, but I always deliver.

2040480 Yep, inexplicably still kicking.
Just happens to be less screaming nowadays.

Feel free to scream at me any time. Of all the inputs I ever received, yours was spot on genius.

2043867 Well, I'm about. Just less so this particular weekend. (go, go weekend classes and all that variety of rot)

G'luck anyhow, Wit of the Sly.

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