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    Chapter ready; illustration desired.

    Anyone want to lend their skills? I'd be most appreciative!

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    A short chapter update blog post thingy.

    Chapter 24.
    Start date: 30th of April.
    Finish date: 3rd of November, submitted for editing on the 10th.
    Word count (subject to change): 9116

    Chapter 25.
    Start date: 15th of December.
    Finish date: 20th of December.
    Word count (subject to change): 7304

    Seriously contemplating starting chapter 26 already...

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    How long has it been...?

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    Chapter 18 news.

    It's actually very complete! Just needs art for it. Now, I had received word from paper pony around March that he was eager to participate again. I showed him the chapter, and he read it. He was pleased and enthusiastic!

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    Happy New Year!

    My hands are freezing, as I just came in from the chilly outside, having watched some fireworks. :pinkiehappy:

    Anyhow,, here's a sketch of a grimy and weary Rosy from our guest artist. :pinkiesmile:

    And here's something to celebrate the new year with! :twilightsmile:

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Chapter 15 approaches. · 8:44am Apr 13th, 2014

The first pass of edits have been done. This is then followed by a second or final pass, and then the art. I can't say how long that takes, but I'm guessing around two weeks. I suppose it could go faster with a few more analytical eyes inspecting the chapter, but I won't dedicate this blog post to editor soliciting. I'm only letting you guys and gals know that he chapter's shaping up.

Here's something paper pony made when I asked him to draw Rosy in any manner he desired. The illustrtion is not related to the story, but that doesn't make it any less of a masterpiece.

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Now, about the story. You know (Or maybe not) that I was pretty disgruntled with the lack of action.

So, should I go ahead and re-take this story, or wait till the next chapter?

Well, this is the last chapter where it's just Rosy/Viv and Embee being in the break room.

2005889 I'll take that as a 'yes', then.

2005889 I have the same complaint actually. Honestly, I've only been skimming the past chapters because all this talking in the hospital now has lasted longer than the previous, more action-filled chapters together. Sorry. If it's possible, you should definitely speed up your pacing a bit.
I like the image, though. Maybe you can find a way to incorporate it anyway.

I can relate to and understand your frustration. I also would prefer that the story moved on, as I have realized that chapter 14 was primarily about Rosy/Viv gradually opening up to Embee. However, as strange as this sounds, most of the time the characters write themselves. Nonetheless, this is definitely the last chapter where Rosy/Viv and Embee talk about things i the break room. Chapter 16 and 17 (and so on) will be unquestionably different.

I think you really should find more help. if you can get to a chapter every 2 weeks, hey even a chapter every month a lot of ponies would throw love at you like crazy!:pinkiecrazy:

I can get a lot written when I'm in the zone, but I tend to frequently review the chapter(s) and make rewrites and changes wherever I feel they're needed before I then submit it to my editor. I guess I could write a fairly complete chapter in two weeks, but definitely not a chapter with over 10,000 words. Perhaps a shorter one, like 5,000 words? Problem is, I haven't been able to write a short chapter sine the 9th.

Sure would be nice to get a chapter fully done in a month, though. However, that requires a few extremely skilled editors. I believe they are hard to come by, and harder to attract, as I don't have much else to offer than gratitude and respect. I value immensely those who are helping me, and I don't think I would get anything done with any less. :fluttershysad: So, anyone who wishes to lend their experise, I'm more than willing to hear what they can bring to the table. I won't just accept anybody.

Anyhow, as of this moment, chapter 15 is almost ready, chapter 16 is in the queu, and chapter 17 is in the WIP stage. Perhaps with a little more help, chapter 16 might be here before summer. Who knows, really? :applejackunsure:

2005924 Try to take a step back and cut out everything that doesn't add to the story (describes or moves the plot on) if you aren't already doing that.

It's very true that I've been pondering how to move the story forward without sacrificing Rosy's/Viv's recovery process. As often as it's feasible, I weigh what's important to the plot and what isn't, and what's a repeat of Rosy's/Viv's plight with a new paintjob, and what is genuinely new or a notable development. Sadly, it isn't crystal clear. :applejackunsure:

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