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Epilogue Out!!! Also, sequel? · 10:29pm Mar 30th, 2014

A light-hearted slice-of-life comedy fanfic where Rarity tries to make up for everything she did in the past? Clop or no clop depending on the viewers? Some side FlutterDash, TwiMac, and Pinkie Pie's cross-dimensional meta-analysis? With some possible RariJack epic adventure, and a subplot of RariJack's daughter hooking up with ShiningCadance's son?
Unlikely. Given that All About Rarity only has 1,990+ views now (and only 300viewers who actually read it to the end), I'm afraid that there won't be enough audience to write the fic for. Quite understandably so, considering the mood of AAR is quite different from this proposed idea. If somehow, AAR reaches a 10k-viewcount, then I might give it a try.

Meanwhile, I'll try to toss out some one-shot RariJack fics here and there while I'm editing Ptolemy or planning the other Tragic Villain Fanfics.

I'd also like to apologize for the 4-day delay of this Epilogue. A week ago, I had received notification that my university made me a candidate for a "Cum Laude" (OHH YESSS!) and that, with more effort, I can actually make it up to "Magna Cum Laude" (No chance of "Summa" now unfortunately) of my Masters in Education. I had to finish some papers and, hence, the delay. The good news is that since classes are over and that this year's vacations will be longer than usual (4 months due to the implementation of the K-12 program) then I'll have more time for ponies now.

As with everything, enjoy!

Edit: Also, forgot to mention this for those of you who might not have noticed.
The chapter titles were all referenced, except Chapter 1, to some fairy-tale witches/events or childhood story antagonist (Chapter 10 was the cry of the witch from The Wizard of Oz).

And how come I never had a review about my clop scenes, it's actually one of the reviews I was looking forward to.

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Comments ( 6 )

I would like to see that. Course I can understand your reluctance given that the tone would be different.

I suppose you could retool it so that you don't need to read AAR? Or remove the connection entirely. That would be difficult tho.

As for the audience, I wouldn't worry about that. You wouldn't be the first author on the site with a story that doesn't gain the attention it deserves :fluttercry: but still loved by the readers.:yay:

Oh well. I'll just sit here and hope for one and for the originally planed Fleur/Shinning short. Sure, it'd be very similar. But there's only one other Fleur x Shining and that was more of a rushed starter idea.

Well All About Rarity is on my read laters. On a more important note I really want to see dat Ptolemy edit

hey, i gave feedback on the clop scenes! :unsuresweetie:

I noted how you gradually shifted the tone from flowery romance novel passion porn to dirty nasty hentai doujin porn, remember? :rainbowlaugh:

Its rarijack anything rarijack is hot.:scootangel: Its up to you what you want you are the author and its your universe so its your choice whether you want to expand on it.

imho there's no more that needs to be said, the story was wrapped up beautifully. The only character I'd be interested to see more from would be that frighteningly articulate Pinke Pie you came up with. :rainbowlaugh:

Man, I think she creeped me out more than any other Pinkie. That's.....an accomplishment. :pinkiecrazy:

So just cause 300 people read to the end means no sequel?:flutterrage: fuck that!!! If one person read to the end you should right another story are you happy with that ending?:twilightangry2: cause I'm not you can't just cut us out right when :ajsmug: gets her hooves on :raritystarry: that's bull shit:fluttercry:it was an amazing story you. Need to at least add a little more so we can have the sense of a happy ending for :ajsmug: at least that and I know that other pips her agree with me :scootangel: anyway I really love you:heart: you made a story that made me stay up all night.i mean all night didn't get Any sleep when I was readin it

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