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Teacher, short story writer and VNovel storyboard leader. Please forgive any faulty grammar you may find in my page/stories/blogs; English is my third language and I'm still struggling to master it.

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It has been two weeks since Applejack and Rarity first slept together, and since then the two were inseparable. That is, until Rarity found her lover's poetry booklet, AppleJill, and unknowingly opened the pages of a past love.

Poems by Sophie Jewett
Amazing cover art by the amazing WhiteDiamondsLtd

Chapters (3)

Rarity tries to find out if Applejack really does smell–and taste–like apples.

My deepest gratitude to First_Down for editing, proofreading, reviewing, and polishing the fic. Also, thanks to SerenityViewer for his suggested changes in the first few paragraphs.

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"Those of us who have a general overview and knowledge of King Sombra regard him to be a despotic autocrat, a power-hungry potentate and a vicious oppressor. And, even if this condemnation is justified, we may perhaps not have the right reason for this attribution. This is due to the fact that before King Sombra turned to the tyrant we all know him to be, he was the greatest knight of the Crystal Empire."
-Sir Sombra de Onyx, Foreword to the Third Edition


Used with permission, coverart by the talented Gaiascope.

Suggested Format:
Font: Georgia
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Color: Medium Dark
Spacing: 1.0

Technical A/N: The writing style of Sir Sombra de Onyx is heavily influenced by two books. These are Le Morte D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory and Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. For a detailed analysis of this style, see this blog enrty. (Warning: Text Block)

Featured in the Royal Canterlot Library
Paul Asaran
Present Perfect
One Man's Ramblings

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"It has been the pivotal teaching of the great Fountainhead, personal mentor and Celestia's most esteemed archivist, that the grand unified theory of magic, if discovered, is to be found within the mage's affectivity –that is; of the polarizing impetus of love, for unicorn magic, and hate, for Black Magic. It is claimed, further, that reality itself, too, is subject to this principle; and to deny so was self-contradictory. The dogma, however was not uncontested. Unicorns, Mages and Archmages from all over Equestria of all emotional preconditions would challenge and confute the thesis with ease. It was here that the great Fountainhead replied that the grand unified principle was too profound to be felt and too minute to be perceivable. He posits that, though invisible, this maxim holds together the fabric of the universe: matter with magic; existence with consciousness; dreams with reality; and–most significant of all–ourselves with one another."

-Starswirl the Bearded, "Hermeneutical Phenomenology of Pre-Classical Metaphysics", Royal Canterlot Archives (323 L.B.), p. iii-iv


EDIT 04/16/13: Remastered version coming soon! Grammatically sound, split into several chapters and improvised.

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