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Teacher, short story writer and VNovel storyboard leader. Please forgive any faulty grammar you may find in my page/stories/blogs; English is my third language and I'm still struggling to master it.

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Editor Wanted: I-Miss-Serenity-Edition · 8:05pm Jun 14th, 2014

Hello everyone, Wellspring here. I apologize for not being active for quite some time. I encountered a few problems with my enrollment in M.A. and I had to write a few pages worth of story for a VN (Visual Novel) my friends and I are making.

Anyway, as you all know, I've decided to make some RariJack shorts on my free time. I was wondering if anyone can help me edit my fic, considering that real-life has taken away my beloved editor, SerenityViewer. The fic is entitled "What Do Apples Tastes Like" and has a 7,000+ wordcount (originally meant to be 2,000). I'm not asking much. Just someone who can breeze through the things I've missed and correct my has/have/had, tenses screw-ups, or maybe give a constructive criticism here and there.

If you're interested, shoot me a PM and I can give you the link.

All the best.

P.S. Here's the cover.

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I mayyyy be able to pick up editing again over the summer. It depends. Oh what, you ask? I shall have to defer you to my PR department :rainbowwild: They won't bite; they prefer human flesh with light seasoning and a little mint sauce, and luckily for you they are all out. Anyway, I'll email you later.

Oh come here you sexy beast! :rainbowwild:

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