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Teacher, short story writer and VNovel storyboard leader. Please forgive any faulty grammar you may find in my page/stories/blogs; English is my third language and I'm still struggling to master it.


It has been two weeks since Applejack and Rarity first slept together, and since then the two were inseparable. That is, until Rarity found her lover's poetry booklet, AppleJill, and unknowingly opened the pages of a past love.

Poems by Sophie Jewett
Amazing cover art by the amazing WhiteDiamondsLtd

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A/N: It's been a while since I last wrote. This fic has been in my iPad for a year now and I only just got it out. Trying my hand at this borderline purplish writing style so please tell me what you think because each criticism is a room for improvement. My English might have become rusty and self-editing is new to me so be gentle. :pinkiehappy: Nevertheless, Enjoy!

Edit: Forgot to mention. I didn't write the poems. I read the poems first and decided to write a story around them.

I got pretty misty-eyed reading this, not gonna lie. Yeah, there's many grammar errors and punctuation missing, but... but still.

Applause, that's what I have for it.

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Then why are you here?

ooooo a fairly long Rarijack story! Must read immidately.

I reach into my satchel and take out both the envelop and the book. With my magic, I float both to his open and eager hooves. He takes the book first, flipping through the pages, before holding up the letter.

Unless I'm mistaken you were talking about AJ here so those should be her and she

The voting system on this site is horrible! There is no good reason for this wonderful story you wrote to have as many down votes as this.

This is a wonderful tale. Thank you so much for sharing!

Now this is a rollercoaster!

Holy sweet celestia shit just got real!!

Holy fuck! Wow! Anyways this thing made my eyes shit tears, Hard! ( I know that makes no sense ... But you know what I mean.)

Wow that part when she says she say leaf song and not rarity... WAHHHHHHHHHHH I I almost soaked the bed beneathe me.

I kinda hope that in the future she grows to love rarity more than leaf song.

But only time will tell.

Holy FFFFFFFFFRIGEN CANOLY. Your words are like honey for the ears. It's so smooth and musical. I'm so happy to find this gem.

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