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Future story ideas! · 6:06pm Mar 6th, 2014

With the latest chapter of my Lunaverse story basically done, I've found that my imagination is fully on fire with several other ideas for fics. I'm planning on maybe starting one or two up; I seem to write better when I have multiple stories being written at once, as whenever I try to focus on one I get ideas for another. ADD writing powers activate!

But in all seriousness, I probably am going to at least start these stories (which I have plenty of ideas for) once my most recent Linaverse chapter is done. I feel a writing splurge coming on! And I got time to do it too!

1. My own different bearers AU, the Sunsetverse! Because apparently somebunny beat me to the name Shimmerverse.

2. Kamen Rider Unicorn! Friendship will end your Lonely days!

3. Transformers Animated fusion fic. Sari isn't the only techno-organic in the galaxy.

4. Dan Hibiki, Hero of Equestria! (As you can tell, this is a super serious story.)

Though seriously, not starting any of these untill the chapters done and submitted to my prereader.

Report Whiteeyes · 380 views · Story: Adventures in Ponysitting ·
Comments ( 8 )

A Sunsetverse? [Legit_curiosity]

Transformers Animated. That is a very underrated transformers series.

1901814 Yep, already working on chapter two, and writing Sunset and Twilight has been a blast. Tweaks to Twilight and making a good Sunset almost from whole cloth is some of the most fun I've had writing in a while.

1901858 One of my Favorites. "I am Wreck-Gar, I am Whiteeyes favorite Transformer ever!"

That series had everything. It had Ninjas, it had threats other than Decepticons, it had interesting characters, it had a story I genuinely cared about, it had literally everything you could hope for in transformers... Except for Astrotrain that was the one thing it was missing. Or the Bullet Train Team. Basically what I'm saying is the only thing that could have made it more amazing would have been a train based transformer. But I'm a traineac so that's usually what I think.

1902034 I personally would have loved more gestalts, but hey no series is perfect.

I personally would have loved if they answered some of the unanswered questions as opposed to ending the series because the new movie was about to come out and they didn't want to compete with themselves.

No really marketing that's the only reason they ended it. You can look it up they only stopped the series because Raise of the Fallen was coming out and they wanted to sell those toys without Animated getting in the way.

1902134 They even had plans for an episode named Truk vs Munky, it was so beautiful. But anyway the fic I'm planning is series continuation.

Anyway you know what I vote for.

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