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    Live Reading!

    Special thanks to Alchemystudent!

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    Sunset Verse: Major Species Views of Tribes and Ponies in General, in Brief.

    The pony species is very distinct in that it has massive dimorphism, tribes, as an integral part of its nature due to being highly magical. However such sheer diversity results in numerous differences existing within the species. This results in different cultural attitudes, behaviors, and even traditions. Tribal diversity also has, though most ponies don't want to admit it, a huge impact on how

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    Sunsetverse: Hybrids

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    Semester is Over!

    Updates should be comming in faster now...as long as the site doesn't do that dumb snow thing they did last year. Kept crashing my tablet.

    Anyway yeah, I now have a lot more free time to dedicate to writing.

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    Sunsetverse: On the Pony Tribes (An InUniverse study by a griffon, treat with caution.)

    A Study on the Pony Tribes and their Magic
    By Proffesor Gerrald Ironbeak

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Live Reading! · 11:42pm Feb 26th, 2015

Special thanks to Alchemystudent!

Report Whiteeyes · 340 views · Story: The Twin Students of the Sun. ·
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Comments ( 4 )

He does quite the good job with those. Congratulations. :)

2833716 Thanks, although the asside with Masquerade felt a bit forced and unnecessary.

Will Shadow Archetypes and Evil Counterparts to Masquerade, Sweetie Drops and Sunset Shimmer appear in the Sunsetverse?

3829137 If somebody makes them, sure.

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