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Sunset Verse: Major Species Views of Tribes and Ponies in General, in Brief. · 3:46am Jan 9th, 2015

The pony species is very distinct in that it has massive dimorphism, tribes, as an integral part of its nature due to being highly magical. However such sheer diversity results in numerous differences existing within the species. This results in different cultural attitudes, behaviors, and even traditions. Tribal diversity also has, though most ponies don't want to admit it, a huge impact on how other species vew them. Many outsiders who are unfamiliar with ponies tend to think (understandably) that the different tribes are actually seperate species. Even when they intellectually know that the various tribes are the same species they still have a tendency to view the tribes as being very different and treating them very differently. The following is a brief look at the various other major species of the world, Ungula, and their views on ponies and the tribes.


Griffons hail from across the sea to the east in the Griffon Kingdom, a Constitutional Parlementary Monarchy. Due to distance ( what with being on a seperate continent), very few griffons will even encounter a pony, save for traders, scholars, and diplomats. And the occasional tourist. Never the less they are familiar with tales of ponies and the tribes, and so have opinions and expectations of them, even if they are quite skewed.

In General: Griffns have little respect for ponies. Being an omnivorous species, they view herbivores as weak and cowardly. They also tend to think of pony attitudes as childish and overly idealistic.

Earth: This is what griffons usually mean when they say "pony", and for many griffons there is no difference. The earth tribe is easily the least respected of the pony tribes among griffons, to the point were most griffons have no fear challenging a whole mob of earth ponies singlehanded. Their tendency to vastly underestimate the threat earth ponies can represent when pressed has, unintentionally, earned griffons a reputation for fearlessness with many ponies, when in actuality they are just idiots.

Pegasi: Pegasus ponies are, in general, the only tribe griffons respect. Another culture of highly athletic and competitive flyers with a strong militaristic tradition, griffons tend to view pegasi as being almost like themselves. And to a large degree this is true, both cultures are highly similar. Pegasi and griffons that meet are said to "become either the best of friends or the worst of enemies".

Unicorns: This is the one tribe the griffons cannot seem to reach a consensus on. Are they frail nerdy whims that would have long ago died off if not for their magic that lets them linger on, or are they monsters of magical might that don't rule the world only because they'd die if they got caught in the rain. Griffons have a really hard time grasping the sheer spectrum that an individual unicorn's magical talent can fall into, and have difficulty understanding that spellcasting is a very personal matter with unicorns. As such they tend to fall into one of those two extremes. Griffons therefore tend to either taunt even the most powerful of unicorns with impunity (adding to their "fearless" reputation), or internally cring and shy away in fear from a unicorn that barely has enough magical strength to levitate her groceries. Many griffons also misread the messages conveyed by unicorn tails, as their own similar tail signals are actually quite different. Several outbreaks of violence between individuals, and even once almost a full scale war, have occurred because of improper tail translation. All these factors combined helps explain why, in over a thousand years, there has never been a unicorn ambassador to the Griffon Kingdom.


Hailing from Zebrica, a Republic far to the south of Equestria, zebras are a rare sight in the north. This is due to their low cold tolerance. As such, most zebras encounter ponies that come to them instead of the other way around. Zebra sages and shamans are the ones most likely to travel north, to see what knowledge they can learn in the lands of their allies.

In General: Zebras tend to view ponies as curious, adventurous, and scholarly. This is because the vast majority of ponies they encounter in Zebrica are doctors, explorers, scientists, and researchers. As such zebras have a high opinion of pony intelligence. However, most zebras also think of ponies as being somewhat self important, over confident, impatient, and patronizing. "Pony arrogance" is often a sticking point with visitors.

Earth: With their close ties to nature, similar appearance, and general practicality, earth and zebras seem almost mirror images of each other. The two get along quite famously, one of the reasons the Equestrian ambassador is almost always an earth pony. Most zebra herbalists, alchemists, and shamans appreciate an earth pony's natural growing magic to enhance their trades crops, while most earth ponies appreciate the all natural remedies and potions zebras can create.

Pegasi: Often viewed as the most impatient and arrogant tribe of them all, pegasi are barely tolerated by zebras. And quite frankly, mist zebra are glad there are so few pegasi scholars that they ever have to deal with.

Unicorn: The most scholarly and cunning of the tribes, zebras are actually very weary of trusting unicorns. While they know most unicorns come in good faith, there have been enough incidents of unicorn theft and trickery over the centuries that zebras tend to adopt a "better safe than sorry" policy when it comes to unicorn visitors. Many unicorns want the secret mystical lore of the zebra, and they have stolen plenty of ancient and even sacred artifacts. They have also eagerly taught zebras new secrets of the universe, given gifts of new enchanted items, and on occasion have even returned artifacts that their fellow unicorns have stolen. Not sure what to make of unicorns, most zebra view them as being similar to trickster spirits: not truly malicious, but cunning and seeking ways to come out on top. Several of their "gifts" and "trads" have, after all, turned out to be only temporarily magical,


Hailing from the meritocracy of The Iron Empire to the west, minotaurs are Equestria's highly boisterous neighbors. Being neighbors with the ponies, minotaurs are quite familiar with their brightly colored trading partners. Even if they don't get along perfectly in the minds of most minotaurs that's the pony's fault, not theirs.

In General: Minotaurs view ponies as being very panicky, as ponies are quite often intimidated by the sheer size and power of minotaurs. However, minotaurs also respect ponies for their highly individualistic nature. Both species highly prize being true to yourself, sticking to your goals, self improvement, and personal accomplishment.

Earth: Most minotaur traders deal primarily with earth tribals. Both minotaurs and earth have a large number of both master craftsmen and trading moguls, as well as a market for each others crafted goods. Minotaur and earth pony relations mainly revolve around with mutual trade, and both have a sense of respect for the other's skill and craftsmanship.

Pegasi: The more competitive and athletic minotaurs love pegasi. While it is often a challenge for the two to find something they can fairly compete in against one another, but once they do their culturally encouraged competitive natures get a chance to truly shine. More militaristic minotaurs also admire the traditional martial skills of the tribe.

Unicorns: Lacking any spellcasting ability beyond the universals, and with very few practitioners of even those, most would assume minotaurs are intolerant of magic and as such would hate unicorns. This is quite thoroughly wrong on several levels. Though they have few alchemists or shamans, those that do exist in minotaur society are praised for their skills and accomplishments just like anybully else. Simultaneously, minotaurs are one of the few species that understands how individual and unique each unicorn's ability to cast spells is. Being founded on the ideals of individual achievement and expression, many in the Iron Empire hold unicorns up as not only the ideal example of these traits amount pony kind, but as an example of the the ideal itself. Minotaurs are probably the only species where, when the word pony is mentioned, their minds instantly flash to something besides an earth pony.


Elk come from the feudalistic clan nation of Hartsheim, a large island chain in the northern Corona Ocean, laying somewhat between their neighbors of Equestria and the Griffon Kingdom to the south west and south east. Though in decline and a shadow of its former glory, Hartsheim is still a major player in international politics due to both trade (with non-ponies) and its substantial navy (which they tend to use on the ponies.)

In General: Elk do NOT like ponies. There have been enough wars and pirate raids (almost all started or staged by the elk) over the centuries to prove it. Elk consider ponies weak, soft, and spoiled; they feel they are undeserving of their wealth and rich lands.

Earth: Elk think of earth ponies as moronic farmers and greedy merchants. There is very little respect there.

Pegasi: Cowards that would rather fly around in a battle than face an elk as a true warrior. Proof enough that ponies are weak if their "warriors" refuse to fight honorably without trickery. The fact that elk tend to be twice their size and several times their weight shouldn't matter, they should fight head on like noble warriors should.

Unicorns: While elk posess the magic of runes, they have a very strong distrust of any other sort of magic, even the universals. As such elk hate unicorns with a passion, viewing them all as warlocks and the like with "unnatural magic", as evidenced by their "hideously warped bodies". Elk warriors consider unicorn horns a valuable trophy.


While not a major world player, there are many deer tribes that call Equestrian land home. However the tribes, by agreement with Celestia, are self governing and free from her rule in exchange for mutual respect and protection. Deer ancestral lands and sacred sites as such have remained in their hooves within Equestria, unlike in many other countries where they were driven out or massacred.

In General: Deer like ponies. They tend to be respectful of the rights and lands of the people of the forest, unlike many of the other great nations that have driven out or exterminated their tribes. The fact that ponies could do the same thing is not lost on the deer. Nor is the fact that not only have the Equestrians chosen not to do so, but have gone out of their way to respect the tribes. Truly, ponies are creatures of harmony and love.

Earth: Deeply connected with nature, earth ponies are respected by the nature worshiping deer. Their crafts are also very well made, and are often sought in trade.

Pegasi: Pegasi are a mixed lot when it comes to deer. On the one hoof they can shape the weather and live in the clouds, in tune with the sky, home of several of the great spirits. On the other hoof pegasi tend to be disrespectful, impatient, and unappreciative of nature at the ground level. Some deer druids take it as a lesson to not become too attached to any one aspect of nature, lest their appreciation and connection to its other faces wither away like the pegsi's connection to the ground.

Unicorns: While deer practice their own unique form of magic that also serves as a religion, Druidism, as well as having a number of shamans, they generally do not like unicorn magic. Unicorn magic seems to be very much about imposing their will upon the world around them, unlike deer magic which works with nature. Unicorns also tend to dislike the wild, and also tend to be dismissive towards the powers of druids. Much like with pegasi, druids tend to view unicorns as living lessons: that the temptation of power can put one out of balance with the natural world, and make one believe they are the master of nature instead of the other way around.

Next Blog: The Different Magic Systems of the World.

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the world, Ungula


Between that and the great worldbuilding (especially the havoc wreaked by the differences in unicorn and griffon body language) I clearly need to read this story. I'm going to do that right now.

What about the Buffalo? Or Diamond Dogs?

2711122 Heck the first "episode" is already done, I'm already working on the sequal. But yeah, world building is a hobby of mine.

2711165 Not major races. Deer were only included because of Equestria's unique relationship with them.

What about dragons?

2712290 Dragons will receive their own blog entry.

That was informative. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Thanks for sharing all this info with us. Quick question, are Elephants a Sentient race in this universe?

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