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An author that is no longer writing. I loved and learned a lot from being here. Thank you for appreciating my words!

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Happy Holidays to Everyone! · 4:21pm Dec 25th, 2013

I truly love each and every one of you.

I dislike making blog posts without an ascribed purpose, but maybe communication is purpose enough.

Whenever I do this, I feel like I'm some royal screwup who doesn't know what's good for him, but im sorry writing has been glacial lately (as if it were ever anything else). I have ambition, but little work ethic, as I find I can't properly stick to a schedule if it's self enforced. I've been trying to find something that works for me for a long time-- it seems whenever I finally find something that appears as I'd it's going to work, my excitement for the month drops off, I fall behind, and declare it a failure. I have trouble keeping commitments to myself.

Introspection aside, I hope you all have some beautiful moments while the nip of the cold is in the air. I know I have, and winter just wouldn't feel so breathtaking and intimate without them, no matter how small. I implore you to cuddle up with a book or a laptop (or a partner if you've got one) and let yourself relax, if just for an hour. Knowing that you all have had something meaningful happen to you is meaningful in itself to me, so take care of yourself and try to feel a little joy.

Happy Holidays.

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Yehehay! Happy Holidays to you too :D

And I thank you for being a friend.

It is for people like you that I write funny things, because seeing you laugh puts me in the spirit to make you laugh even more. It is thanks to you that I have not only grown as an author but as a person. It is thanks to you and your friendship that you have only reinforced how much I love this fandom.

I'm sorry if I do too many blog posts, but it's because I'm so happy to have people like you around me. People who do so many great things, and anything I can do to return the favor of what kindness you have shown me in return is the least I can do.

I have been slacking a lot recently, but I have also been very busy. I'm starting to know what other authors feel like. Perhaps we should all make a pact to do something daily hmm? Maybe that'll be my Christmas gift to you all. To work harder once again. I've needed the downtime, but now that it's almost over I can go back to entertaining others. It's what we do yeah?

I'm just lazy. Love doing the work once I start but it's starting. Have to study myself and find out what really works. Maybe you do to. Push and wiggle around to see what works to make you write what you love to write.

Because little means more to me than giving back to you and everyone around me. It's mega nice that I have a gaming computer now and can hopefully entertain you all through video as well, but my writing is still my favorite thing to do.

Life choices and time management. Something we've all struggled with and have to struggle with forever more.

We can do this! We have people who like us for reasons I can't comprehend!

And happy holidays to you!

I think everyone goes through a similar thing, as far as lack of motivation is concerned. For me, it was when I started feeling 'obligated' to write something. Immediately I started putting it off, and so began the slow descent into writing nothing at all. Setting goals only made it worse, because if I didn't meet my targets for whatever reason I felt shitty about it.

Writing every day helps at getting into a habit, but it only works if you're actually enjoying it, otherwise what's the point? Especially when it's something as "casual" as fanfiction. Dunno if my ramblings will help you or not, but I certainly started writing more when I was actually enjoying it for what it was rather than because I felt I had to do it.

Either way, have a good one, and I look forward to reading whatever eventually surfaces. No rush. :heart:

Best advice I can offer on writing, sometimes you just have to make yourself sit down and start typing. Getting started is always the hardest part. It's always easier to wander off to do other things. TV shows, games, etc. Even if it's just for a little bit of time per week, it'll go a long way to keeping you invested in finishing your story. Just be careful not to burn yourself out. If the writing itself becomes a chore, maybe reflect on what motivated you to starting it in the first place. :twilightsmile:

Anyhoof, I hope your Xmas was pleasant and your New Years is fun.

You don't do too many blog posts. Following the KiltedKey means signing up for the excitable attitude! And that's a good thing. Thanks for your words, friend! Your work ethic when you were writing stuff was indomitable so don't call yourself lazy in front of me!

That's the thing-- I am actually enjoying it. The only time I feel like writing stresses my life is when I'm not doing it enough, and never do I sit down and absolutely loathe what I do when I actually let myself start. It's this weird thing where I really want to be doing it but at the same time it's just super easy to let slip for two, three days, then I feel awful and then our gets even harder to pick up because I've forgotten where I was at etc etc...

Idk. I'm still searching for something that works for me. To be fair, it's gotten easier than it was a couple months ago, so I think I'm making progress!

Thanks for responding and paying attention and such.

Great to see you here, man! Thanks for the advice-- it really is true. oftentimes when I'm trying to do a daily or weekly "word goal" I'll completely ignore the goal and write three times as much just because it got be started. The downside to that is that I then feel like I've done more than I expected of myself and say "it's alright to take a day off" and proceed to mess around and waste time and that starts a downward cycle when really I wrote an amount that was natural to me in the first day.

Reading all of these has made me really full of energy! Thanks, all of you-- having people who I respect who know about me and care is the absolute best thing about this community to me. It's what gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside that makes me want to persevere!
(I'm gonna go write now kthxbai)

1665573 Thank you. I need to make a resolution to crank things out again, but of high quality. A thousand words a day is what I should do, and I seem to be getting into the groove again. The last thing I want is to ghost like a lot of writers do. I'm horrible on myself aren't i? Because I like making you all happy!

That kinda thinking is dangerous man-- don't worry about writing 1k high quality words a day, just worry about writing words. Let editors (like me! If you care to have me) help you make your stuff high quality

1666116 Nope. That's my New Years Resolution and I'm sticking to it. I have a high success rate with sticking to those, and I am going to write a thousand words of Grade A good writing every day. No matter what. I don't have writers block, and I've wrote enough posts about how I've been kicking myself about it.

So it's time to get cracking and stop whining on my end.

Damn I love this new keyboard...

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