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And this is the part where you start groveling. I prefer screams of suffering MANE-ly!

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Silas Epista Re/Write · 8:32pm Dec 20th, 2013

As the title states, I will be taking time off from other stories in order to upload better, rewritten chapters of the story that got me into Canon over at Chess Game of the Gods. This is mainly because I think this story to be, in a sense, shallow in coming forth with entertainment. Therefore, I will be placing This Will Destroy You and Blackbird on hold until a satisfactory amount of Rewritten Chapters are uploaded.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. It means a lot to me for you guys to continue giving me support through this!

This is Doge Days, wishing you all the Happiest of Holidays!

Report Maneiac · 367 views · Story: Silas Epista ·
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Comments ( 7 )

Do I come into this equation somewhere?

1629851 Naw brah, you're cool. I've grown pretty confident with my writing capabilities!:pinkiehappy:

1630004 I'm still working on that one other story or you don't need me anymore in general?

1630033 In general. No need for your services anymore, big guy!

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