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New milestones, incoming stories and a cry for help (editing) · 8:45pm May 3rd, 2012

300 or so buckaroos and 52,000 (recorded!) total views. If I were able to track google docs hits over the course of the past year and a half + EqD hits I'm sure it's even more. Anyway, thanks for sticking round to watch! I'm glad so many of you like the things I write!

Now, as of late, I've got maybe 3-4 stories sitting at chapter 1, just waiting to be continued. I apologize for those waiting. The ideas, the words, there all down but I've been busy a little with real life stuff and two different trades with two different people (really cool guys) that I'm in the process of wrapping up as I type this.

Now, I've got a matter at hand. While I'm fairly good at sitting down, and busting out my ideas and putting them on the page I'm a fairly poor editor of my own work. I can spend days on a story after finishing, re-reading it and making minor adjustments with grammar and punctuation only to publish it and have (most of the time you fair folks) pointing out the glaring things I've gone and missed! It's awful, and I just can't catch all these things...

So listen, if you've got a penchant for nabbing those errors, and would like to generously offer your help I would most appreciate it. I'll credit you as an editor from this point on in my stories and if you're cool enough to do it more than once or twice I'd gladly write you something as a real thanks!

Send me a message if you're down!

More stories and updates on the way!

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Comments ( 6 )

pick me
pick me!!

Well, shoot, I'd love to do editing work for ya, Cosmo!
.....if I was sure how the next few months are going to go for me.....
I should know by end of next week, so... hopefully by then I'll still be interested! Haha... ciao!

Offering help on simple grammatical and punctuation errors.

I'll do it, just look at how well I write.

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