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What I'm doing in a Post-Pone world · 9:25pm Oct 13th, 2019

Hey there,

I know we haven't talked in a while, and we haven't been seeing much of each other lately. While I can justly say real life has been an enormous boot on the time of my life the past several months, I haven't been finding the time I once had available as it used to be. Time I once thought I could make, I could not. Hence, the hollow output on both fronts of writing and drawing laid barren before you. I knew the end was coming and every week when the weekend would come, I ended up putting off one more week. The constant drip feed of news about leaked episodes didn't help boost me either, but I was catching episodes here and there. I've got more free time for the moment. I've been hit with a triple. Lost my job, had to put down a beloved family pet developing cancer, and now, a show I've engaged with for nearly a decade has ended it's run.

Spirits are currently down, but not at the bottom of the sea.

And that's because for the decade I've had this show to watch, and this community of people and friends I've watched it with, drawn with, talked with, will remain on in some facet, with an optimistic future for the next gen. It was quite a thing to be a part of, to watch, to see it grow from its outset from a popular 4chan general thread into a impressively huge phenomenon (mocked occasionally for what it was, when noticed), and it's eventual cushioned descent at its satisfying end. Something I can say with confidence after the wet far that was another certain nine season show I don't want to ever bother re-watching.

This show and everything around it never became my identity, but I would be lying to say it didn't have a strong impact on me as evidenced by the growth of my hobbies. And it's not something I intend to waltz away from like it meant nothing. Because it wasn't just nothing. It did mean something to me. Something about it being so pure, and optimistic, and genuinely entertaining in its medium. I've always enjoyed animation growing up more than the general banality of live action or the stiff unpleasantness of CGI. In short, there are so many factors that I personally enjoyed about this cartoon that the thousands of words about what it meant to me shall be relegated to a future blog post, because this current one isn't about that despite my ramblings asofar. I'm getting to the point!

As for me, I intend to continue my hobby of drawing and occasional writing because I do like doing both. I like the learning aspect and creativity. I like challenging myself. I only wish I had kept the energy up to do it more instead of sporadically falling off and on the wagon. So I shall be continuing on my learning journey, and MLP: FiM content will be included with it. Granted it won't be my main focus as I try new things and branch out, but I know in my heart I'll always fall back into it, for it was the venue that inspired me into the hobby in the first place. I grew into the artist I am now thanks to it. The show is in my roots, and a tree doesn't keep growing after uprooting it.

It's a lot of words to say very little in tandem with my blog header I know, but I felt an explanation was due and additionally, I know anyone who still knows of me or remembers, or occasionally arrives at this page checking on me, would want one such explanation after such a long bout of inactivity.

Aside from my fics, I intend on posting my works more actively on other sites as established. DA, FA, Tumblr, Derpibooru [as long as it exists], Twitter, and maybe other art sites if they pop along. I intend to take a day to clean up and establish a proper Discord server for myself. I've been using Discord since near its inception but never to its full extent as many others take advantage of, especially for its ease of use, streaming purposes etc. Once that happens it will have its own link across all the sites I peruse. I don't want to feel so gated anymore. There's things I've created years ago I've never shared......

I have a few more stories up my sleeve I've been sitting on, for proofreading, creative and cover art reasons, are unpublished so far. I'm looking to get these out in the next couple weeks hopefully before being swallowed up in another job. I also have pictures on my to-do list that are woefully dated and also need addressing. I haven't forgotten. I haven't.

One thing that's been a personal flaw all my life is I'm not very good at reaching out to people in 1 on 1 scenarios. I've always been more comfortable in group settings but in isolation from a group, if nobody reaches out to me, I am an island trapped in a revolving door of self-doubt and worry. I can't explain why I'm like this, but I know I am, and friendships I foster end up deteriorating because I wind myself into a corner too nervous to initiate contact.

I hope all the above sheds some light on myself and the future. Forgive me if you can for being so amiss. The future isn't bleak, and the past is something to be remembered fondly.

Thank you for reading all this.

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You keep being you! As with every work of art, MLP:FIM has been a formative experience for those involved in the fandom. We can take those memories and lessons and strive in our own ways to make the world a better place.

P.S. sent you a private message too; check it out

Smiles shine on you, friend. Smiles.

It's still good to hear from you and that you still want to be involved. It sucks that life's been a dick to you lately. I hope everything gets better.:applejackunsure:

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