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Rescue the princess chapter 10 part 4 · 8:35pm Dec 8th, 2013

Previously on Rescue the princess...

The ponies chose to head to the harp room door but something unexpected happened...Twilight Sparkle (who had previously fallen into a bottemless pit and had been used by Sunny to fight the ponies.) fell down in front of them. The ponies quickly helped there friend up and healed her up. Twilight revealed she had very little memory of what had happened to her but vowed to help save the princess.

The group entered the room only to find themselves in a room that looked like it belonged to a young filly. It was then that Rarity and the others spotted a sky blue cloaked figure on a stage. After some conversation (mostly that the ponies had scared her.) the figure took off her cloak revealing a small sky blue changeling filly.The filly instead of attacking the group offered them milkshakes which some of them took. The filly was surprised to See Vinyl (who she called Static Sound.) who she thought was dead; Vinyl explained a bit and tried to convince the others that 'windy' wasn't very dangerous. Scootaloo dropped dead from a milkshake causing the others to shun the rest of them.

The filly told the group that she hadn't poisoned the milkshakes and in the end the reaction may have been caused from a combination of Scootaloo eating meat and being allergic to strawberries. Upon her revival Scootaloo started attacking Vinyl who she discovered was a changeling. Vinyl dodged the attacks but one stray attack hit and split The filly's table in half. The filly did something to take the air away from the two putting both into a vaccum.The group raised there weapons to the filly and after a short stand off the filly released the two who settled there differences when vinyl explained that she was only half changeling.

The filly started to like Vulpus and put a spell on her to make the fox girl start acting like a pet. Rarity and Sweetie became furious with the filly and in the end Wind Song released Vulpus.It was then that Sweetie and Scootaloo (and to a lesser extent Luna who had transformed into a filly.) were put under the same spell turning the fillies against the group.
The filly explained that she would kill the ponies for killing the other elemental changelings and also told them her name, Wind Song.

The ponies attacked hitting the filly but sadly Scootaloo jumped into Pinkie's attack getting herself cut in half.Sweetie attacked and attempted to behead Vulpus but ended up cutting Rarity's head off instead(Vulpus quickly revived her.)
Presto subdued Sweetie and Flim subdued Luna leaving only Wind Song. Wind Song tried to sufficate Pinkie,Vulpus and Twilight but rarity quickly slew the filly. the filly fell but quickly revived and handed the group the first crest then fell appaer as she was just a golem.

The group put the crest into the slot then they traveled to the next door.Inside they found the room to be nothing but dirt(Rarity's nightmare.) and a throne with a brown and gold cloaked figure sitting in it. The figure revealed himself to be earthshock and quickly took off his cloak revealing a brown changeling stallion.Rarity attempted to plead with the stallion but he simply stated that he served his queen and he would destroy them. The ponies quickly discovered that the stallion ould change the structure of his body so his skin could be as hard as stone or as smooth as glass.Twilight summoned a raincloud drenching the area hoping to weaken the stallion but this move turned out to be wrong. the Stallion revealed that he was the leader of the elemental changelings simply because he could control two elements which he revealed his second to be lightning.

Earthshock shocked the group killing Sweetie and a few others before Vinyl and Octavia arrived and helped with the fight. Earthshock charged for a instant death attack and the ponies did what they could to escape it (Rarity and several others jumped on tom the rock while Pinkie escaped to a different dimention.) No one was killed by the dirt spikes(although rarity and the others were thrown into the ceiling and smashed by the rock.) Luna in a rage used an attack to send earthshock to another dimention which sadly was Pinkie's dimention.

After a few turn Pinkie and Earthshock returned but the stallion drained the life out of pinkie recovering some hp. Twilight and the other fought hard and in the end Twilight stabbed the stallion through with a magic blade.Much like Wind Song the stallion stood back up and gave twilight the other crest before trying to bring the room down on the group. The ponies escaped and twilight set the crest into the gate revealing another set of door.

and now the story continues....

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