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Rescue the princess chapter 10 part 7 · 6:26pm Dec 15th, 2013

Previously on Rescue the princess...

Still in the ballroom, the group felt well rested. Among the strangest happenings, a new stallion named Grayscale from the year 1955 had arrived and was talking with Luna and Fim. Rarity and Sweetie Belle witnessed a pale blue light deciding to follow it to the library. The two approached the light and found themselves once more in a pale white world. They were shown a visions of Aunt Melody and Grandpa's kidnapping, Celestia's torture, but also something else entirely. Apparently, King Sombra had been seeking something of great interest - his heart, The Crystal Heart. Rarity believed it to be in the castle and a key to victory. However, Sweetie Belle believed it was Celestia's heart almost making Rarity gag at the thought. Melody said one last heartfelt goodbye to her family before disappearing.

Scootaloo woke up from her long nap and Flam challenged the filly to a game of poker. The stallion cheated but was soon threatened into submission getting his cheek cut in the process.

Rarity and Sweetie Belle returned to the others in time for the ballroom's ground to splinter and fall apart into nothingness forcing the group into the library. Little did the group know was that a piece of the castle was rising into the sky. Vulpus noticed the stars getting closer as the piece of castle rose higher.

In the back of the library a large black door opened with a voice inviting them inside. However, the group found bookshelves pushed over and, underneath a pile, discovered Twilight's daughter, Starbloom, whom had followed her mother to the castle with concern. The group decided to torture themselves with bad movie references before heading through the large black door.
The group found themselves in a strange room with various machines scattered about one large one restraining the princess they'd been seeking the entire adventure. They tried to free her but to no avail. Princess Celestia groggily woke up peering upon her ponies asking if the many bad things told to her were true: Twilight falling into a bottomless pit, Luna's new family, Princess Cadance's death, and that she was left to die. All of it was true except the last albeit it took three months to reach her.

Celestia narrowed her eyes at the group in not arriving sooner with whispering driving her to anger. Dark Magic's control over Celestia soon took a pivotal turn when the machine released the princess, Dark Magic influenced the princess's actions, and a dark shadow stabbed through the chest causing a bright flash of light.

The light went away quickly revealing Princess Celestia with drained colors in her coat, mane and tail, and peculiar lustful look in her eye when looking the group. The group had no choice but to attack their princess in a fight for their lives being set ablaze by the sun goddess in one moment. The princess then captured Sweetie Belle (quickly replaced by Rarity then by Octavia). The group continued their attacks against Princess Celestia Molestia hurting Octavia in the process whom had a hard time feeling pain. Molestia rushed forward embracing Rarity in an awkward hug but, before anything could happen, Apple Bloom rescued her. The fight continued with Princess Celestia returned to normal with one last attack made from both Sweetie Belle and Rarity.
A dark voice chuckled at the scene watching the ponies attack the one they should had been rescuing. The group was soon approached by King Sombra, himself, stepping out of the darkness to the fight the heroes. As the heroes attacked, King Sombra pulled a familiar scythe out of the darkness rampaging in his multiple devastating attacks against the group especially little Starbloom. However, Octavia's ability to regain mp made revival a certainty.

The group found that attacking King Sombra enough continually made him fall to one knee but he would inevitably rise again. There came a moment when a strange light appeared behind Sombra though the darkness made it hard to see it. Rarity blasted the darkness with her wond revealing the Crystal Heart - Sombra's heart.

Rarity quickly urged all heroes to harness and use the light and love within themselves to power the Crystal Heart much like the Crystal Ponies did. They had to remember something, somepony, anything that would drive away the hatred with love and the King of Fear. All members of the group did such a thing but, ironically, Rarity and Vinyl got a hateful argument about whether or not to destroy the Crystal Heart. It took a while but the argument subsided.

Apple Bloom and Rarity decided take it up a notch in offering love by hugging the Crystal Heart and King Sombra. Rarity went even further by flirting and seducing the King of Fear getting glomped to death in the process in switching places with Sweetie Belle during a bullrush attack. Upon revival, Apple Bloom told Rarity to knock it off or she'd tell Spike so the mare toned down the love.

Falling to his knee one last time, King Sombra looked at his glimmering heart deciding he'd been without it long enough. Apple Bloom and Rarity continued to hug the king while the others attacked him with Pinkie Pie joining in on the loving embrace. King Sombra returned the hug with Apple Bloom hurting the filly.

With one last attack made by Starbloom and Twilight, the King of Fear fell. He laughed in his defeat but it wasn't sinister. It was genuine and heartfelt. Sombra's body slowly began to fade away. He smiled at the ponies, stabbed his hoof forward opening a dark vortex, and pulled out a tiny heart - Sunny's heart. King Sombra, in his final moments of life, revived his daughter and subsequently Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, and Virtuous. Sunny let him know that Sister and Mother were awaiting him at the top of afterlife's stairs before he faded away.

Virtuous danced happily and Sunny looked around at the group feeling that the situation was a bit strange. The group noticed that the piece of castle they were on was heading closer to the sun.

Sunny and Virtuous had a hard time adjusting to the group's company. The mare still wanted to kill Rarity but, after much talk - and threats - between Vulpus, Princess Cadance, Sunny, Sweetie Belle, and Rarity, she finally relaxed from her old ways. She shared a game of Hot Potato and had a touching moment between the sisters she'd been trying to kill the entire time. For, in truth, she longed for a childhood taken away too early and a love given by only a few.

and now the story continues...


Chryaslis stopped when she felt Sombra's life force fade.
"Goodbye...father..."She said slowly.'You were quite useful..."

Chryaslis took several steps forward passing her last changelings who's bodies were slowly fading away.

"And so it ends...today..."

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starting equipment
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1610474 Rarity woke up with a yawn and stretch in Sunny's grip. The larger mare looked down on her with a confused expression and Rarity's eyes widened.

"...please don't hurt me..."

"Wasn't thinking about it, Rarity. Unless you want to me to do it."

"N-no, that's quite alright. I'll pass."

Sunny gave Rarity a smile making the smaller mare shiver slightly.

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(Now Godzilla? Also, I'd like it if NYX opened up a portal to the dream world. I have this idea of our heroes almost being defeated, but out from the portal comes Leatherback, who saves them at the cost of his own life.)

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