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Rescue the princess chapter 10 part 6 · 6:40pm Dec 14th, 2013

Previously on Rescue the princess...

While resting up from there emotional night; the mysterious appeared once more. Luna questioned the voice's identity but Rarity assured the night princess that they had nothing to worry about from the voice.The voice explained that it had news for Rarity and Sweetie belle but thetwo already know what the Voice had come to tell them(sweetie bot.). The voice admited that the chip had been damaged beyond repair but before the two could lose heart the voice told them that it was able to download everything onto another chip. To the two sisters joy Sweetie bot was reborn but this time only her brain was robotic she was now a flesh and blood pony.

As Sweetie bot ajusted to her new body(having to eat,having to use the bathroom and the warmth of other ponies.) Sweetie Belle asked if Rarity would help her with a song in memory of their aunt and grandfather.Rarity agreed but Sweetie didn't want to sing in front of too many ponies so the two decided to wait until the ponies were asleep.Meanwhile because of Cadance and Shining's death and Silver in a coma (because of Rarity's milk:rainbowlaugh:) Rarity decided to take care of their foal prince Charming but the little prince gave her quite the difficult time.The two sisters chased after the foal after he vanished only to run into Luna's foal, Luminous. Charming and Luminous vanish and the sisters are pulled into the dram scape where they plus Princess Luna attempted to catch them. After several crazy situations (multiply foals and crazy things like that.) Luna was forced to abandon Luminous; leaving him in the dram scape.

Thenext day Vulpus and Sweetie decided to bake a cake for Sweetie bot and the others. Twilight followed along and sat back drinking tea as she watched the two bake their cake. Vulpus admitted that she was making the cake to lighten the mood after all the deaths and luna's foal going missing in the end bluntly telling Twilight how her brother and sister in law perished. The two finished their cake bringing it back for the others. Sweetie bot was the first to try it and to the twos surprise the pony loved the cake. Vulpus started handing out the cake but to Sweetie belle's horror Sweetie bot dropped dead. Sweetie belle confronted Vulpus about the cake but to her horror the kitsune had also eatten the cake and dropped dead as well.Sweetie revived the two and after some reading up the two discovered that (according to the book.) the cake was so good that it killed who ever ate it.

sweetie Belle wished to destroy the cake but when they turned around the cake was gone. To the two despair Rarity had eatten the cake in her sleep and shortly after died. Despite dying from the cake any who ate it became ubsessed with the treat causing Rarity to die several more times after eatting the last few pieces Vulpus had hidden.After reviving Rarity a few more times the group decided to make another cake (mostly because Rarity had become addicted to cake:rainbowlaugh:). The two continued to bake as Rarity talked to Twilight. The end result was a burned cake and Rarity and Sweetie belle getting stuck together with glue.

Flim and Flam freed the two and Rarity and Sweetie started to look after Luna's two other foals,Moonlight and Flim Jr. The foals(who were just starting to learn words.) gave the sisters a run for there money(or bits or whatever the mlp version of the expression would be.). Vulpus joined the fun and caught Sweetie and started cleaning the cake off her (with her tongue.).The foal copied the kitsune with Moonlight licking Vulpus and Flim jr chewing and pulling on the kitsunes tail. Vulpus was scared and quickly stopped the foal from chewing her tail as she feared the foal would suffer a 1000 year curse.At first Sweetie and Vulpus thought nothing of since nothing had happened to the foal but then to their despair the foal began to transform into a toaster then disappear.Rarity joined in on the search for flim jr while moonlight snuggled against Vulpus. Luna woke up and become frantic about her foal but soon the colt reappeared. Luna took her children (Moonlight recived a dol from Vulpus.) and Rarity and Sweetie sang to remember there lost loved ones. That night Cadance's ghost arrived to check on things and was satisfied with rarity and Sweetie takeing care of her little prince Charming.

and now the story continues...

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A small coal coated colt chuckled softly as he moved further into the darkness.
"I'll show them I'm brave."The colt said to himself.

He frowed slightly as he peered over the side of the narrow staircase he was slowly going down.He gulped and quickly pulled his head back.
"I-it's so dar-"The colt facehoofed having forgotten he could use magic for a second.

The colt focused his magic into his horn it sparked then a small light appeared at the tip of his horn.
"T-that's...a little better...'The colt said nervously.

He continued forward, the black stone walls were very different then the structures he was use to. At any moment he expected a beast to leap out of the darkness and make a quick meal of him.Every shadow made the little colt jump a little but despite his fear he continued forward.

"Now honey."his mother's voice echoed through his head."Remember there are places little fillies and colts are forbidden to go to...one of which is the devils drop."

The colt grimaced as he remembered the conversation.
"Devil's drop?"The colt asked softly.

"Yes dear...it's said the staircase leads directly to Tartarus itself."

The colt's eyes widened in fear.

The mother smiled warmly at the colt and nuzzled him.
"It's just a legend dear."The mother said."but I still don't want You anywhere near it alright."

"Ok...mom..."Thecolt said as he tried to pry himself away from his mother.'I promise i won't."

The colt grit his teeth; he almost hated himself for going against his word but he couldn't back down. Not when a filly was the one to challenge him to the dare.


"Hey..."A filly said with a scoff.

"Huh?"The colt said as he turned.

A young pale white unicorn filly stood behind the colt.
"Your the king's son right?"

The colt smiled and puffed out his chest.
"That I am."The colt said proudly.

The filly circled the colt scanning him up and down.
"You don't look very special to me."

The colt's face fell.
"w-what?"He glared at the filly."How dare you say that...i-I...could throw you in jail for that.'

The filly eyes narowed and she pushed the colt to the ground.

The colt whimpered softly as his body collidedwith the hard.He slowly lifted himself up.
"w-why did you do that..."The colt whimpered."Do you know what my parent will do to you when they find out y-you attacked m-"

The filly jumped ontop of the colt pinning him to the ground.
'I-I don't care..."She said softly as tears dripped down her face."I have nothing left for me..."

Th surprised colt grimaced as he stared at the filly.

The filly slowly moved off the pinned colt.
"My parents are both dead...because of your parents...both killed in the war with the griffons...and what did they die for...'The filly turned."To protect a coward of a family!"

"My mom and dad aren't cowards!" the colt barked."I don't even have guards protecting me when I go out!"The colt circle the little filly."If I had you'd be dead!"

"Your a coward..."The filly whimpered.

"I am not a coward!"The colt snarled as he pushed the filly to the ground."You attacked me out of nowhere and your calling me a coward!"

The filly nodded.
"I've seen you in class...ponies take your things,steal your lunch and you let them..."

The colt grimaced.
"Well...there...bigger then me..."

"You'll be a terrible king.'The filly sniffled."Your not worth my parent's lives...."

TYhe colt narrowed his eyes.
"Fine I'll prove I'm not a coward...I'll...I'll go down the devil drop!'

The filly gasped
"You can'tdo that!"

"well I am..."The colt said with a huff as he turn and made his way to the outskirts of the city.

"Please I didn't..."The filly tried to say but her body suddenly fell downward as a spell wrapped around her back legs.


The Colt took in a deep breath as he continued his treck into the darkness.
"Do theses stairs ever end:twilightoops:'

The colt turned his head but as he put down his next hoof he found his hoof touch nothing.The step had broken away; sadly the colt didn't have the time to react.In seconds the pitch black world was tumbling around him until the world finally came to a stop.The bruised and battered colt slowly stood up.His body ached and there were numberous cuts and gashes across his body but despite the pain he laughed.

"i-i...did it...I made it to the bottom..."The colt laughed as best as he could."I showed her..."

The colt stumbled forward; the ground was hotter then he expected but it wasn't enough to stop him.The took a few more labored steps before stopping at a strange set of rocks.The rocks were placed in a circle with a small black object at the center.

"What is that?'The colt whispered to himself.

As the colt grew closer he could make out more details of the object.It were oval in shape and had spots of blue mixed in with the black that made up it's main color.He reached down slowly picking up the strange object. It was small but not too small but it was very light.
The colt looked the object over,it was certainly nothing he had ever seen before.

'w-what is it?" the colt asked himself."It kinda looks like a butterfly cocoon..."The colt tilted the object slightbut after a few minutes the darkness began the get the better of him."Ok...I-I think I've been down here long enough..."

The colt galloped up the stairs(although his pade was quickly slowed by the injuries.) what felt lik hours pasted but in truth it onl;y took the colt less then half an hour to return to the top where to his surprise the white filly was waiting.

"y-you went down there?"the filly said in astonishment.

"I told you I'm not a coward!'The colt scoffed before falling over from his wounds.

"Your hurt!"the filly yelped as she rushed to his side.

"A li-little."The colt winced."but i'm ok...'

The filly nuzzled the downed colt.
"I-i'm sorry."the filly whimpered.

"Naw...it's ok..."The colt said in a vain attempt to sound cool but softly hissed in pain when the filly's head was turned.

"So..."The colt said with a blush on his face."w-what's your name?"

"You can call me Winter bell...i-if you like ..."The filly said as her face turned as red as the colt's.

"So what's yours?"The filly asked as she started to curl up beside the colt.

Forgetting himself for a second the colt couldn't think of his own name.
"i-it's um...it's...."The filly nuzzled against his face."I-it's...um..S-sombra...Prince...Sombra..."


~Several Years later~

Sombra paced back and forth.
"what are you?"He asked himself as he circled the black object that he had on his desk."I've gone through books and scolars and still I Have no idea what you are..."

The black object was larger now almost the size as foal, the blue spots that looked like diamond would sometimes glow from time to time but the Stallion could never figure out the reason.

"honey,"a young mare said in a gentle voice."Are you alright?"

The stallion turned to the door and sighed.
"Yes dear I'm fine...I'm just going over...a few things."

"May i come in?"The mare asked.

Sombra took in a deep breath then lifted the black object and placed it in his desk.
"Yes You may come in..."

The door opened and a pale white unicorn mare stepped into the room.
"My darling...you look exhausted...you shouldn't over work yourself."The mare nuzzled the stallion.

"I'm fine..."The stallion chuckled."Maybe a little tired...but that's to be expected..."

"The mare sighed.
"You've been a little...distant...latly..."

Sombra grimaced slightly as he held the white mare tightly.It was true he had been distant, more so as the years went by.Somedays he felt right as rain but then others it almost felt like all the joy was drained from his body.

"I'm sorry dear..."

"It's not me you should be apologising to..."The mare sighed.

A small filly barly two years old rushed into the room.
"Daddy!!!" the filly giggled as she jumped into the air.

Sombra turn quickly being tackled by the filly.

"Sunny..."The stallion chuckled."Hows my little angel!"

"I'm good!"The filly giggled.

"Good to hear!"Sombra smiled warmly as he lifted the filly the air."Did you make any friends at school today.

"Ah huh!"The filly cooed as Sombra pulled her into a hug.

"Your highness>"A voice called out from the doorway."You are needed my king."

Sombra placed the filly to the floor as he glared at the doorway.
"What is it?"

"Princess Celestia and Princess Luna of Canterlot are here to see you my king."

Sombra narrowed his eyes then sighed.
"Winter...I'm sory but I have business...to take care of."

Winter closed her eyes.
"I understand...come on Sunny...daddy has to go to work..."

Sunny nodded; gave her father a love nuzzle then trotted after her mother.
"Bye daddy!!!"


Sombra sat at his throne as the two Alicorn sisters entered the room.

"What do i owe the pleasure."Sombra said with narrowed eyes.

Princess Celestia stepped forward and gave the king a gentle smile.
"We have heard tale on the wind that a new Alicorn has been born...one that lives in your crystal empire."

Sombra sighed and lowered his head.
'Yes it is true an alicorn was born...but sadly sets had to be taken and she was forcefully taken from her home."The kingsaid softly."The details...are not pleasent i'm afraid..."

Princess Celestia nodded.
"Yes it's as we feared..."

The princess of the night took a step forward.
"What has become of the filly?"

"She was given a foster home for the time being..."The king said proudly.

"Why have you hidden this from us Sombra?"Celestia said sternly.'Why did you not inform us sooner?"

"I thought nothing of it at the time but no member of my land shall live in fear...so we took the filly from her home...for her own safty."

"You know what it means when an alicorn is born in a land...correct?"Luna said as she glared at the king.

Sombra narrowed his eyes.
"The crystalempire belongs to me...to my family...it was ruled by unicorns for generations...and it will stay that way."

Celestia lowered her head.
"So you will not take our offer to join our republic then?"

"Of course not>"Sombra barked."This is my land...we have survived this long without Alicorn leadership."

Luna marched up to the king.
"Then please give us the filly...let us raise her..."

Sombra stared at the younger alicorn.Her smell,her body, there was something about her; something the caused the stallion to turn away.

"Y-You want the filly?" the King said quickly."i-I guess you can take her..."

Luna tilted her head from the strange change in the stallions behaivor.
"then we shall take her..."

Sombra watched as the mare stepped down,The way her body swayed.He felt something,something he should not be feeling.Not for this mare.

"My...guards will escort you..."The king said as he tried to turn away from the mares."tHe filly...the alicorn...shall be your...but once you have her please...do not return..."

The two alicorn nodded and left the room as several guards followed after.

Sombra quickly left his throne.
"I-I will..be retiring...for the night..."

Sombra stepped into his room.
"Th-that mare...why am I thinking about her...this feeling...."Sombra paced across the room as he turned to his fire place.

"She could be yours..."A small voice said softly.

Sombra turn quickly.
"Who said that?"The stallion snarled.

"You could have her...body and soul..."The voice repeated.Her voice was low almost foal-like.

"Show yourself!!!"Sombra said quickly."show yourse-"

"My king!!!"One of the guard screamed.

Sombra turned quickly as one of his guards rushed to his side.
"My king...you are needed..."

"Is it the alicorn princesses again?"Sombra scoffed.

"n-No my king...w-we don't know who they are...'

Sombra tilted his eyebrows.
"Lead me then."

The guard lead Sombra back to the the throne room.Standing in the center of the room were several shadowy creatures.

Sombra's eyes widened.
"What in heavens are you?"

"We are the darsora..."One of the shadow ponies spoke.Hisvoice was little more then a whisper.

"And what do you want of me at this hour?"Sombra said.

"Many moons ago...something was stolen from us..."The creature said.

"And what do you believe that this item is here?"The king said quickly.

"We do."The shadow said."We felt it...it is here."

"You believe someone from my kingdom stole something from yours...is that what this is?"The king said with a glare.

"Yesssss..."The shadow whispered."And we want it back..."

"And what will happen if this item isn't returned?"Sombra narrowed his eyes.

"Death...."The Shadow whispered.

Sombra jumped forward.
"How dare you threathen...me and my people..."

The shadows took several steps back.
"You were warned..." In a second the shadows vanished.

Sombra turned to his guards.
"Once the princesses have gone we will prepare for war..."

"B-but my king...ho-how will we fight the dasora...."One of the guards said as hisbody trembled."there made of shadows..."

"We will not back down...not to the princesses...not to theses demons..."

~Four days later~

The battle with the Dasora turned sour as the creaturescould not be hurt by anyhting less then magical weapons.

"Die you monster!!!!!"Sombra snarled as he cut a shadow in half with his sword.

"S-sombra...theres too many..."Winter trembled as she hid in the courner with her daughter.

"I will hold them back...once we break there ranks I'll have my men get you and Sunny out f the castle!"Sombra screamed as he cut down another shadow.

The doorsblew open as a half a dozen Dasora rushed into the room.

Sombra charged the creatures cutting down several in one sweep but a large hoof struck his face hitting him into a wall.

"You should have given us the item..."A large shadowy horse said gruffly."Now all your people will die..."

The shadow struck Sombra again this time hitting him through his table and into another wall.


A green ball of energyfired from theshadows mouth.

"SOMBRA!!!"Winter shouted as she leapt in front of the downed king.

The blast struck the mare in the back.

"w-winter...w-why...."Sombra said softly."why did you do that..."

Winter smiled at the stallion.
"I love you so much..."blood dripped down her face."So...very much..."

The white mare'sbody slowly began to fade away.
"Please...take care of su-."in a flash the beautiful white mare was nothing more then a pile of dust.

"Wi-Winter...n-no..."Sombra stared at the dust."No...no please...please god no...."Sombra put his trembling hooves into the dust."No...nono...nono...please...please no..."

A sudden yelp drew the stallion's attention.Sombra turned quickly only to see the large shadow grabbing his filly. The shadow lifted her upwards as if taunting the stallion.

Sombra jumped forward in a rage.

The shadow raised a hoof to the filly's chest.
"The item...or she dies...."

Sombra stopped dead in his tracks; his eyes wideened as fear slowly engulfed him.
"Please...let her go...shes all I have left..."

"The item..."The shadow repeated.

'I-I don't understand!!!I don't know what yo-"Before sombra coulsd finish the stallion's hoof pierced through the filly's chest causing blood to escape her little mouth.

Sombra's eyes went blank;his body felt heavy as he slowly slumped to the floor.

Sunny gasped in pain but said nothing as her lifeless body fell to the floor.
"Pain...brings death..."the shadow said softly."Could have been avoided...if you...had given it to us..."

Sombra fell to the floor;sobbing softly as he stared at his paling filly.

"You still have a weapon..."the foal-like voice whispered into Sombra's ear."You can end this...you know what you must do..."

Sombra shakily stood up,several tears rolled down his cheeks.
"I-I will...destroy you...I'll destroy you all!!!!!!!"

Sombra pulled his hoof back and slammed it into his own chest.
"I still have one...weapon..."Sombra said as blood dripped down his mouth.

The stallion pulled his hoof back and held out his own heart.
"M-My heart...I give it up...for my people..."

The heart floated upwards then vanished.The shadows stared at the stallion for a second confused by what was going on.

Sombra's horn began to glow red.
"Ponies...lend your power...to the crystal heart..."Sombra spoke to his people through his mind."Please...lend me...y-your strength..."

The ponies of the empire quickly focused their love and strength into the heart.

A bright flash of light engulfed the city as the heart unleashed it's powers; in less then a second the wave of love and light hadreached the palace striking the shadows that stood before him.

"You...have made a grave mistake...unicorn king...you will know in tim-'The large shadow said but disappeared into the light.

Sombra slumped to the ground.He had saved his people but at what cost.

"S-sunny...Winter..."He whispered.

The sound of hooves drew the stallions attention.
"So much love...this was excatly what I was looking for..."A strange voice said softly."I never though...this day would come..."

Sombra tilted his head slightly in an attempt to see who was speaking.

"I must thank you..."the voice said with a chuckle."I'd still be in that forsaken place...if it hadn't been for you..."

"w-who are you..."Sombra asked.

"In time you will know..."the voice purred.


Sombra lifted his head as he turned to the machine that was slowly draining the powers from Princess Celestia.
"That...dream again...why do I keep having that dream..."

1606000 well damn thats quuite good i give you three internets:pinkiehappy:

also hello mein friends

1606004 (Hey! How's it going? :pinkiehappy:)

1606041 Flim continued to talk with Grayscale while Rarity walked back in with a sigh.

"Oh! Right! I was thinking about a pony partying in a dungeon!" Flim said with a laugh. "But that makes much more sense! So, what's your time like? Did you meet my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandpa!? He was a traveling salespony like me selling high quality radios!"

1606062 "That's a shame. Greatestgandpappy has been dead for so long that I don't think you'd get that refund anytime soon."

Rarity and Sweetie belle see a pale blue light from the courner of their eyes.

1606072 "How about another radio!?" Flim said excitedly going back to his crates to retrieve one, then holding it out to Grayscale. "Technology has come a long way! This one will most assuredly not break!"

*tosses and turns in response to the sudden light in her sleep then groggily gets up looking for its source*

1606076 1606058 "Sweetie, what's that?" Rarity asked looking at the pale blue light.

the light passes through the door as if telling the two to follow it.

"I dont know" *rubbing the sleep from her eye with a hoof*

*waking up a bit more* "I'll find out" *runs after the light*

1606085 "I'll get the checkbook!" Flim ran out the door, possibly not returning for a while.

1606086 1606090 *gallops after her sister* "Sweetie, don't go alone! It's dangerous in this castle!"

heloo guys again

The two enter the libery where the ball sits at the center.

*goes after it sitting down close enough to observe the light without hurting her eyes*

1606097 "Flim will be back in a moment, Luna-"

"My dearest Luna!" Flim poked his head back in cutting off his brother rushing forward to hug his wife.

1606098 Rarity slowly walked towards the light with nervous curiosity.

the room soon flashes and the two find themselves in the pale white world once more.

*looks around for anything of interest*

1606113 "Some stallion I need to compensate," Flim said grabbing enough bits to refund the radio's cost to the stallion. "Normally, I'd run away. But my wife is more important."

1606114 1606103 Rarity looked around in confusion and growing worry that'd they left the others behind. "Sweetie, stay close to me."

"Hmm" *looks at her sister then goes back to her:twilightblush:*

"Honey...we shouldn't be this close to the forest..." a familar voice said slowly.

The two ponies turn only to see a small sky blue filly.

"I know dad but Pearl loves the flowers here:pinkiehappy:"A small pale blue filly said as she began to pick red flowers."There her favorites:pinkiehappy:"

Suddenly a mirror appears infront of the filly.

"You two will do quite nicely."A voice says darkly.

In seconds the the two were surrounded by changelings.

"D-daddy..."The filly whimpered."I-I'm scared..."

The changeling chuckled softly as they closed in.

"What do you want..."The brown stallion said quickly.

"You'll find out soon enough."

in a flash the two are attacked by mirror clones of themselves and a white cloaked figure appears and laughs sinsterly as the two are quickly overpowered.

as quick as it had begun the sceen ended.

1606129 "...Auntie Melody and Grandpa..." Rarity whispered to herself feeling sorry that things had to turn out that way for them. "D-does this mean that some of Auntie Melody still exists?"

"Maybe shes in this light:unsuresweetie:"

As Rarity and Sweetie turn the world changes again and the two were now standing in a strange room with a large dark colored stallion and a familar alicorn princess who's body was strapped to a strange machine.

ill just wait here quitely while you finish this:pinkiehappy:

1606143 "Do you think so, Sweetie?"

1606145 Rarity tried to cover her sister's eyes not wanting the younger sibling to witness the princess tied up, but she was too late. "Sweetie, don't look. It's Princess Celestia and Sombra."

"But it's the princess we have to get her out of there!"

1606152 "It's a vision, Sweetie. She's not actually here at the moment."

"A vision:rainbowhuh: are you sure she isn't real:unsuresweetie:"

1606146 "Want to play a card game, sweetheart?" Flam asked shuffling a deck.

"you monsters will never get away with this!!!!"Princess celestia snarled.

The dark stallion scoffed at the princess.
"Set it up..."

Wind song appeared and nodded.She flipped several switches and the machine came to life.

Celestia cried out in pain as her body shook violetly.

"I have to thank you my dear..."The stallion smiled as he held a hoof to her chin."I would never have gotten it back had you not been captured..."

*tries to look at the scene around her sisters attempts to stop her*
"What are they doing to the princess?"

1606157 "I don't think so-"

1606160 *raises a hoof to her mouth* "Oh my...Back? Gotten what back?"

1606167 "T-torturing her, Sweetie. King Sombra is trying to get something back. Seems a bit forceful in my opinion."

The room went dark once more but after a few seconds a silhouette of the staillon appeared with something shining behind him.

"we-weak...."A voice said in a softly whisper.

1606182 1606167 Rarity momentarily lifted her hoof from covering Sweetie's eyes. She pointed at the shining object behind King Sombra. "Perhaps that's what he'd been seeking, Sweetie."

"How could somepony want something that much:fluttercry:"

The image of Sombra become clearer as does the object behind him.It was sparkling heart shaped item Rarity knew all to well.

"We-weakness..."The voice said again.

1606192 "I'm not entirely sure, Sweetie. Whatever could be worth that much trouble caused to others?"

1606198 1606192 "The Crystal Heart! Sweetie, it's here in the castle! We need to find it! If what Silver said is correct, it is Sombra's heart."

1606203 "Nothing, my dearest Luna! He's from another generation of ponies, and I had to refund what greatestgrandpappy did to him! Honest!"

1606204 Flam shuffled and dealt out the cards to Scootaloo getting ready to play poker.

1606207 scootaloo looks down at the cads she had been dealt, a pair of twos, and bets all her bits

"I-I don't think thats the Crystal heart Rarity:unsuresweetie:"

The sceen fades back to the cloudy world once again but this time a ghostly sky blue mare is standing in front of the two giving them both a warm smile.

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