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Rescue the princess (action/rpg game) Epilogues · 6:37pm Feb 5th, 2014

Scootaloo ( F1utt3rshy)

Her quest having been completed and the princess been rescued scootaloo says her goodbyes to her friends and leaves on her own adventure to rid the world of the remaining changeling menaces, regular, elemental, and half-breeds alike, going to many new places and killing many a changeling. After her conquest is completed she goes out to make amends with ll she has wrong over the course of the adventure, exspecailly the rare sales diamond dog. feeling she had done right, she goes out to find that natty son of a bitch iron will and offers him a room in her mansion as a thanks for all he had done for her. He accepts on the tirms that there be a gym built, whuch scootaloo, now a mare accepts. sometme later she and iron will grow closer and form a family, having two children, a minotaur with wings named taurin and a pegasus filly names skittles. she lives out the rest of her days in a quiet peace and is occasionally visited by her friends, manly her fellow crusaders .... the end!

Twilight/Starbloom (L_Wolf )

After Twilight left the group she walked to Ponyville with Starbloom on her back, it was a quiet and uneventful trip. Both her body and her mind were drained from what had happen after her mother found her in the library of the castle.
After arriving in Ponyville, she went to the library and found it was intact. She was more relieved to find Spike waiting for her to return. He had kept the place in shape and cleaned while she was away. He had tried to keep Starbloom from leaving but she grew increasingly worried about her mother as the months went by.
Twilight and Starbloom spent most of their time at home in the library recovering. Twilight got Starbloom’s headband repaired and Starbloom eventually went back to school. Things slowly went back to normal, but Twilight couldn’t help but think things would never be the same again.

Rarity (sweeT2010Tooth)

Right outside the main door to the Golden Oaks Library sat a lone dragon. Spike had been told by the one he'd loved that she would return. But she didn't for the longest time. Would she? She did say that something could happen to her, perhaps something did. Spike sat outside the door holding his head in both claws. Twilight and Starbloom had come back as did many others. However, half of Ponyville was still missing its citizens. Among those missing was one he might not ever get back. Why did he let her go? Why didn't he simply chase her? She told him the danger and to wait but, deep down, he lamented that she needed him to find her.
But how? Where? The forest they'd gone to was too expansive. Applejack and Rainbow Dash had only finally made back having been lost for so long. Spike felt himself become tearful again. Twilight told him to cheer up. He couldn't, not with the one he'd cherished gone. When he gave the ruby, he'd given his heart. Every day he went to the boutique looking for her, he noticed that ruby sitting on her dresser gathering dust. He cleaned it off, and it shined anew. But what is a dragon without their most precious jewel?
Spike, once again, felt a tear drop from his eye. That is until he heard somepony call his name from afar. He looked up. He saw her. His eyes met his Rarity.

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"Spikey-wikey, I'm back," she said with a lovely voice. Spike hopped to his feet rushing forward. The little dragon leapt forward hugging his love for dear life. Rarity returned the hug with a smile. She'd make this work. He loved her, and she loved him. It wasn't fair to make him wait. It wasn't fair to not reciprocate a love he wanted - she wanted. It'd take a few years of getting to know one another better. Perhaps one day soon she'd have that the wedding with Silver taking on the role of preacher. For now, she'd enjoy his company. But, she'd make sure to give him her heart.

Twilight and Starbloom emerged in the doorway. Rarity had grown fond of little Starbloom. She looked so much like her mother, beautiful and intelligent. Twilight invited her inside and Rarity accepted the invitation with a smile. She could of sworn Twilight blushed a little, but she wasn't sure. Concerning the three who lived in the library, Rarity knew she'd be getting very close to them in the near future.
Rarity never forgot the promise made to mother. She'd watch over Sweetie Belle, protect her little sister, and relieve the sibling of life's offered pains (if she could). Sweetie Belle was reluctant to be open with her older sister, but that was okay. Rarity would be there if a lending ear was needed. With Twilight's help, Rarity recreated a ball of light with her Mystic Light Wond that anypony could hold in their hooves. Rarity took this little ball of light and placed it in Sweetie's saddlebags turning a lie into a truth; that if you save a falling star for a rainy day, your troubles and pain will fade away. The look on Sweetie's face when she saw the ball of light was priceless. It made Rarity happy to see her sister's joyful expression so much so tears almost came to her own eyes. Rarity would protect her sister and, if need be, eliminate the cold grip of pain again. After all, despite their conflicts and differences, Sweetie Belle matters most.

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These feelings of familial bonding expanded to Sweetie Bot, Vulpus, and Presto. Sweetie Bot was most certainly Rarity's sister, too. It was only fair to offer the same amount of love showing the filly all there is in growing up. Most importantly, Rarity showed Sweetie Bot what it was like to feel the warmth of real love only offered by family members, something not obtained by physical touching or analytic computations. Vulpus was allowed to hunt in the Everfree Forest though harming Fluttershy's animals from time to time. Rarity loved Vulpus like her own daughter raising her with affections only a mother could provide.

Sweetie Belle, Sweetie Bot, Vulpus,Apple bloom and Sunny had a thirst for adventure. Many times they invited Rarity along and, due to enjoyment of their time together in the dangerous forest, gladly accepted these offers. Even Twilight and Starbloom agreed to come along for reasons unknown though Rarity felt Twilight wanted to accompany a good friend. Rarity greatly enjoyed her good friend's company and adored little Starbloom.

Gaining an audience with Princess Celestia since the past months' events was very trying. There was much rebuilding to be done. However, on the day a session in the Day Court was given her, Rarity stepped forward to discuss something very important with Princess Celestia. The Princess had feared the group abandoned her to be tortured, drained, and killed. Princess Celestia had feared she was forgotten. Rarity understood this fear very well. Revealing a sceptre from behind her back - The Queen's Sceptre - given by Flim and Flam, Rarity retold the events of being consumed by Nightmare Energy. Rarity let Princess Celestia know about the Endless Mist of Nightmares that tried to consume her soul.

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The Nightmare Forces had coaxed Princess Luna into killing her best friend based on a single assertion. That single assertion was Rarity's greatest fear - to be forgotten by all others. As Princess Luna tore Rarity's throat out, the alabaster unicorn witnessed Sweetie Belle's tearful eyes while being consumed by Nightmare Energy. Rarity felt her grip on life quickly fading away. She felt forgotten as the Nightmare Forces ate away at her steadily making the change permanent. But Sweetie Belle, Princess Luna, and Rarity's friends did not give up on her. For, if they did, Rarity would not be standing before the Princess carrying the cursed trophy. Rarity stood tall proclaiming to the Princess that there are those in this world which will never forget the ones they hold close. Sweetie Belle didn't forget Rarity. Princess Luna didn't forget Rarity. Rarity's friends didn't forget her. So, if ever the thought crossed Princess Celestia's mind that her subjects forgot her, she'd only need to visit a small boutique in a small town to know she's not alone. With those words said, Rarity turned to walk away quickly finding herself in an embrace by the Sun Goddess.

Unpacking Rarity's saddlebags, the mare noticed something. In her bags, a suit of armor was buried within polished and renewed. Rarity took the armor out knowing full well the owner deserved to have them back. She made posthaste in packing it up and sending it out to the rightful owner. There would be a day soon when Shining Armor would receive a package symbolizing his duty fulfilled to protect all those he loved. He had earned the right to bear a Captain of the Royal Guard's armor.

Pearl received a visit from her daughter, Rarity. The unicorn mare made tea sitting her mother down for a long talk. It didn't take long while the story unfolded that hearing about Aunt Melody and Grandpa Balwark was hard to take. Rarity and Sweetie Belle's mother almost had a nervous breakdown but, in the end, was greatly relieved to have closure.

The familial love in Rarity's heart grew everyday. She extended offers to Scootaloo and Virtuous to be an adoptive parent. Outside of Deathscythe's castle, Rarity had seen the loneliness in the filly's eyes being without parents. Likewise Virtuous never had a proper childhood. Rarity couldn't sit idly by letting the two never know a loving mother's embrace. So, she offered herself as an adoptive parent hoping the two would accept.

Harnessing super glue and an extraordinary amount of free time, Rarity pieced together the Orb of Sweet Memories. Upon finishing it, she could of sworn a reflective smile from Deathscythe was seen. The orb would remain in her possession. He would be remembered as a good friend in the end not deserving what fate had in store.

Rarity looked around her surroundings. She saw ponyquins dressed in fancy suits and eloquent skirts. Something was missing, and she couldn't place a hoof on it. Suddenly, behind her the boutique's doorbell rang. She turned around getting ready to deliver the common greeting when a familiar voice called out to her.

"Rarity!" Sweetie Belle excitedly shouted rushing inside. "Want to go on an adventure!?"
Rarity smiled and nodded at her younger sibling as Vulpus came down the stairs. "I'd be delighted, Sweetie."

Rarity's Theme


In Silver's embrace, Sunny toned down her sadistic ways. Without the constant whispering of what Dark Magic brings, she lived a normal life with her love. The years went by in pure bliss never known in a thousand years of life. She could head off to the zebra clans reclaiming lost magic, but Silver was all that mattered. He made her happy, and she hoped her offered love was enough. Princess Cadance - Goddess of Love - had helped Sunny unite with Silver. It was a bond she'd never foreseen. One that she would never forget. The only times when she left his side was to go on adventures with Rarity, Sweetie Belle, Sweetie Bot, and Vulpus mainly due to missing a childhood long lost. Inside she was still a little filly forced to grow up too soon. Sister was right. Silver would make her happy. He saved her from a fate worse than death. Embraced in Silver's hooves, Sunny knew nothing else matters.

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Flim Jr. and Moonlight

The effects of the curse placed on Flim Jr. lessened as good luck charms mostly negated them. Despite forty four transormations into various objects and thirty two disappearances lasting fifteen minute intervals, the colt was able to live a normal life. Moonlight, on the other hoof, was completely fine all her days. The little filly was a representation of Luna's good side. She served as a constant reminder that Nightmare Moon was only a piece of Princess Luna. Truthfully, without the Nightmare Force's Energy, Princess Luna would recognize Moonlight as an exact image of her younger self. Flim Jr. and Moonlight grew up together causing much mischief and laughter. The two were a symbol of Flim and Luna's enjoyment in each other's company. Flim saw this and hoped Luna saw it, too. So, while Flim Jr. practiced his sales pitches and Moonlight hugged her dolly, Fuzzy, dreaming of one day being an alicorn, Flim and Luna witnessed what brought them together.

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Luminous Midnight
The black-coated alicorn colt with a dark green mane and coal-like eyes wandered the dreamscape nearly getting himself killed numerous times. What he was seeking was very important. He saw it in his mother's dreams. After months of searching, the little colt found the Dream Archives where all dreams were kept. His emotionless stare studied each and every dream seeking a means to an end. Each dream revealed much to him thus discovering his purpose almost fulfilled.
The small alicorn colt took the entire Dream Archives and sorted them into five sections. They were categorized in such a way that separated each dreamer based on specific criteria. Those who landed in the first or second sections received a wish. This means those in the first section received a wish whereas dreamers in the second section received a wish and were watched in hopes they'd be worth the first. The dreamers in the third section were ignored as Luminous knew they'd swing one way or another soon enough. Those in the fourth section were consistently visited by Luminous's coal-like stare. The unnerving presence was enough to alarm them that something was wrong. Those that fought found the dreamscape to be his domain. However, those in the fifth section received something else - brutal murdering.

There are stories of many who went to sleep never to awaken. Not only that but their physical bodies were torn to shreds splaying their innards against their environment in less than five seconds. This extended to all ages though the likeliness of yearlings categorized in the fifth section was less likely. Many reports came about of possible victims waking up in fear before the deed could be done. Sometimes, nearby witnesses retold stories of an alicorn quickly emerging from a nearby portal brutally murdering a targeted victim within seconds and disappearing. One curious aspect of these attacks was the sight of different swords wielded. Speculation by those analyzing the situation determined seven swords were in use by the alicorn. Sometimes, the alicorn carried two or three with him depending on a certain factor. Most who felt they might be attacked carried a weapon into their sleep hoping to defend themselves when awake. This almost worked had their swords not been cut cleanly through. It almost seemed like the sharpness of the alicorn's blades was sharpened and strengthened with each kill. Additionally, it seemed like the swords provided a protective aura dependent on the very same factor that made the alicorn wield a specific blade.

Princess Luna and Nyx will have to make a choice when they meet Luminous Midnight. What will they do when they've seen what their son and brother has done?
Those in the First Section:
- Apple Bloom
- Diamond Dog Merchant
- Fluttershy
- Moonlight
- Nyx
- Pinkie Pie
- Princess Celestia
- Prince Charming
- Rarity
- Shadowstep Merchant
- Silver
- Starbloom
- Sweetie Belle
- Sweetie Bot
- Twilight
- Voice in the Sky
- Vulpus

Those in the Second Section:
- Flim Jr.
- Octavia
- Princess Cadance
- Princess Luna

Those in the Third Section:
- Applejack
- Flam
- Presto
- Rainbow Dash
- Shining Armor

Those in the Fourth Section:
- Flim
- Iron Will
- Pinkie Pie (For two specific reasons)
- Scootaloo
- Sunny
- Trixie
- Virtuous

Those in the Fifth Section:
- Shadow Star

The overly excitable and happy stallion greatly loved his wife. He did everything in his ability to make her happy. Most importantly, he stayed by her side making sure Nightmare Moon wouldn't rise again. When he slept, Flim noticed a pair of familiar eyes watching him. The stallion immediately recognized his own son repeatedly attempting to embrace the alicorn. However, Luminous struggled each time continuing the stare. Most fathers would be upset and give up. Flim, on the other hoof, took it as a challenge to get his son back. It took a while for Luminous to properly react to this finally fleeing far enough to stay out of hoove's reach. For Flim, the chase was on to reclaim his son.

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Flim chased his observing son into others' dreams even laying out traps. For some reason, Flim thought a mouse trap with cheese would prove effective. It didn't. Luminous was lactose intolerant having never taken milk from Luna. More than once, Flim offered Cider to the alicorn but to no avail. The stallion even attempted to offer the chemically reproduced Sweetie Bot's drink and Endless Excellent Eggnog. The alicorn simply stared at him. Flim rethought the deliverance making tranquilizer darts with the liquids, but he couldn't catch the alicorn. Luminous, with his emotionless stare, kept observing his father trying to shoot him with blow darts.


After receiving the scar to his cheek by Scootaloo, Flam felt less inclined to cheat others...for a while. Using a chemically re-enigeenred Renuyu (cream), Flam permanently covered up the scar. Surprisingly, the rumored addiction to the cream wasn't true. That is until Flam tried to repeatedly apply other creams to his face. The addictive effects wore off after a while with Flam and Pinkie Pie wondering why he'd been doing such a thing. To answer that question, Flam threw a party with Pinkie Pie - a "Not Addicted to Face Cream Party."
Flam loved Pinkie Pie to no end. He'd be there for her at all times. For, when the pink mare felt lonely she'd never have to host a Party of One while Flam was nearby. At times, he even had tea with the imaginary (maybe real) friends though Rocky was a little brash and overbearing at times. Additionally, Flam made the mistake of getting Gummy false teeth finding out quickly how hard the little alligator can bite a sensitive muzzle. The scream made Pinkie giggle snort causing Flam to smile at her cute expression through agonizing pain. His heart was open to her in all ways. He'll always love her now and forever.

video link

Luna (Cadances Paladin)

It was a couple weeks after the incident with Celestia being kidnapped, and Luna lived with her family, happily, in the Canterlot Castle. Moonlight and Flim Jr. were homeschooled by Luna during the day, and fed during the night. Flim had become a better father then before, as he played with his kids as much as possible, and stayed a better husband. All in all, Luna loved her family. But, Celestia was still the number one most important family member in her heart.

Fluttershy (Red Mare)

After finally making it to the lair of Queen Chrysalis and confrontation with the Changeling Queen. Fluttershy was nearly exhausted after beating her down, but the Changeling Queen had something up her sleeve. She transforms herself into Goddess Chrysalis and Fluttershy thought they she was done for. By some miracle, she and her friends had defeated the Goddess. After defeating Queen Chrysalis who almost destroyed every single friend Fluttershy knew by making a black hole behind her, and almost crushing everypony with the castle. Fluttershy and friends had finally rescued Princess Celestia, and peace had returned to Equestria. But what the Fluttershy doesn't know is that her journey isn't over yet. So with all the money she earned Fluttershy decided to save it up for an emergency in case something came up. Fluttershy is seen at her cottage with all of her animal friends and living a happy life. That is until she gets a letter from a strange pony.


After they saved Princess Celestia, He and Sunny went to Ponyville. He worked hard to build up a Home/Church and made sure that Sunny and he never missed a thing.
He performed the Weddings of his friends in the Canterlot-Palace and made them unforgetable.He also visited Cadance and Prince Charming often, usually when Sunny were on one of her adventures.
Beside that, they had a simple, but nice live. One night, after they shared a few years together, She asked him why he got atracted to her and, after he pondered about it, he said:
"There is no Light without Darkness. You're my Darkness and now i want to be your Light." He then kissed her. "I love you Sunny and... uhm...how do i say this......Have you ever thought about to raise a family?"
Shinings Family returned to the Crystal Empire where the Crystal Ponies greeted them with Glee. They also where happy about Prince Charming, who was loved and adored from the very second he was noticed.
He immediatly returned to his post as the Commander of the CPA (Crystal Pony Army). With time passing by, Silver visited every now and then. Shining could tell, that He still loved his Wife Cadance and he also was aware that she
did aswell. "Maybe i should do something....." He thought one day. "I want to see her Happy..."


Epilogue: Presto

Presto went on to have many adventures with all his friends, Breaking down many doors in the process. He eventually survived the End of the Universe and the beginning of the next one. The early Primitives Worshipped him as a god, and eventually he met Pinkie Pie's Reincarnation and became her pet, following her around and terrorizing old ladies with his desire to play until the day he introduced Pinkie's Reincarnation to the reincarnation of her other friends and they set out on an adventure to save the world. "Just like old times..." Presto thought to himself.

~Meanwhile in the twisted and dark maze forest ~

A single mirror floated upward; setting itself onto of a large spire.
"Wait till they get a load of me..."a dark voice chuckled softly as several large boulders began to build themselves around the mirror; making it disappear from sight.

The End?

(Sorry it took so long to put up but after reading Sweetietooth's again I just had to put up the epilogue. I'll try to put up the alternate/joke ending when I can:twilightblush:)

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Writing Silvers/Shinings epilogue at the moment

This was a failure....
I'm making a note here:
stupid mare.
It's hard to overstate my anger.
the worthless changelings...
they screwed it all up because their dumb...
they were good for all my plans
except now there all dead...
but theres no sense crying over stupid mistakes I'll just keep on trying till I run out of clone
and the science got done but you reforged a neat gun....
for the ponies who are still alive.

I'm so bucking angry....
I'm being so sincere right now
it's becauce you stole my heart and killed me....
and smashed me to pieces...
and threw every piece onto the floor
as they burn it hurt because I nearly won
now these point of data make a beatiful mind
but I'm out data to continue on time
so i'm sad I got burn but think of all the things I've learned
from the ponies who are still alive...

go ahead and leave me....
I think I'd prefer to stay inside...
maybe you'll find someone else to help you...
maybe Celestia....that was a joke...ha ha fat chance.
anyway theses clones are great there so incredibly strong...
look at me still talking when theres science to do
when I look out there; I wish I was You
but there experiments to be done and theres reseach to be run
on the ponies who are still alive...
and believe me I am still still alive
I'm doing Science and I'm still alive
I feel fantastic and I'm still alive
and while your dying I'll be still alive
and when your dead I might be still alive
Still alive
still alive....

Oh yeah...I was supposed to Write for cadence, Charming, And Octavia and Vinyl.

(We shall see:moustache: you can still join the current one though...I've been using Trixie as a store clerk and I gave her a goal. To either have an an alicorn or become one herself...she's lost her oppertunity with twilight though.)

(Flutters but if you can come up with a backstory you can use more or less anyone...unless they've been used as a boss or character already. Talk to Xander about it.)

(L_wolf is playing as noi aka sweet harvest.)

Also, doesn't Scootaloo's story not quite work, Since Chrysalis killed all the Changelings?

1800502 I will, And Presto's too.

(I know:twilightsmile: changelings are kinda don't exist anymore:ajsleepy:)

1800566 Yeah, they don't exist at all anymore....:raritywink:

1800651 Yeah...there not coming back next time at all :raritywink::raritywink::raritywink: *Cough* I have a plan *Cough* :raritywink::raritywink::raritywink:

1799688 (:fluttercry: So, true. Also, Sunny says, "Yes, Silvie. Has been on my mind since the castle's fall. *giggles and tilts her head with a smile* Shall I begin or you? :heart:")
1800501 (Flim will be a good father to his dearest Luna's children in addition to a husband forever staying by her side.)

1800881 (How do you feel about Luminous Midnight's epilogue?)

1800896 (Hiya! :pinkiehappy:)
1800881 (Oh, and I will hug you both now because I haven't seen Cadances Paladin quite a while. Ready? Wait for it. Wait for it...............*hugs :pinkiehappy::heart:*)

(Happy with it so far?)

1800906 (Yes. I like it quite a bit.)

(Just a bit? what do yo not like?)

(It's been a while for rescue the princess:twilightsmile:)

(hello:twilightsmile:have you thought it over about the other rp?)

Comment posted by TenguKabuki deleted Feb 6th, 2014

1800916 (Luminous is a creepy kid. :raritywink::rainbowlaugh:)
1800920 (When I say 'a bit' it's my strange way of saying a lot. I confuse people like that. I loved it in other words.)
1800922 (Sure has been a long time.)
1800926 Not sure.

I have plans but the other Rp come first:twilightsmile:it's only fair

(Aww man, now i want to make a Story out of it:twilightblush:)

I don'tthink I have it in me to be a co Gm and a Gm at the same time:twilightblush:

1800961 Why don't you join and ask me what's going on? It's not that confusing, trust me. It's actually pretty straight forward at time time albeit expansive.
1800965 (I'd read it. :pinkiehappy:)

if there was a second...would you be intersted?

cool:twilightsmile: also...um angel Rarity?

1800992 I thought it was a good idea considering her mannerisms and personality.

sounded neat do you have any other ideas?

1800999 Well, that's different. It'd be interesting. Vampony...not Batpony?

understandable...I'm guess they use the green stuff to kill rarity?

flash is dead...in general villains are good guys and good guys are villains:twilightblush: the first boss was berry punch...cheerilee was the second boss:twilightblush:

1801016 (Why are the three of us still using spoiler tags? :rainbowlaugh: Correct. It's one or the other.)

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