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I hate to ask you guys but... · 7:05pm Apr 22nd, 2012

Okay, so, I need to move out.

Basically, my net income is hovering around nothing. I can afford to exist. My roommates are very negative people. My roommate is always frustrated at life, terrible at money management, and never cleans. His girlfriend has no ambition, is depressed like 75% of the time. They both bicker constantly, never shouting, but ALWAYS mad about something. Most of their problems are caused by themselves, but they refuse to accept responsibility for any of their hardships, choosing instead to blame fate or the nearest person to them. Long story short, I’m tired of living in this situation.

I’d like to be able to live on my own place, because as bad as those roommates sound, they’re the best available to me here. Essentially I’m looking on moving into my own place, by myself. I can afford to live by myself, but it’s the moving-for-the-third-time-in-four-months part that’s screwing me over.

I’ve figured out that to do this, I’ll need around $800… And as much as I hate asking for this, I’d really appreciate if anyone could help out. If you’ve enjoyed my writing and stories, please consider it ^_^ I plan on working as hard as I possibly can on my next few stories, including a new Mythbuckers and a sequel to Rainbow Factory. However, as of this current moment, I'm so distracted by these terrible roommates that I can't focus on writing anything -_-

I really appreciate it, thanks everyone.


PS: Pegasus Device, the sequel to Rainbow Factory, already has more words than Rainbow Factory has. Don't worry! It is in progress!

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That sounds awful! I really wish I could help there, but I have absolutely 0 income :fluttershysad:

I would happily donate to you if I had the money or free ability to donate. Since I'm only 16, I don't really have much money. Or a PayPal account.

Same as DrNazus. My only income is ebay, and I am saving for a new computer. BUT!, I am looking forward TREMENDOUSLY for the sequel. I hope it is just as good as the first. :pinkiehappy:



Sequel confirmed :rainbowkiss:

Most of the guys here are either in their teens, in college, or just starting a new life in their own house (struggling and in debt, might I add). Sorry to depress you that way . . .


I'm sure there's someone out there who can help you. Try getting people from PonyFall on to this story; most of them would be happy (and able) to help.

PonyFall? I've never heard of that. What is it?

I haven't seen enough to care. Search it on Equestria Daily and FimFiction.

That sounds positively awful, the best I can do now is to wish you good luck with your economy, I also look forward to reading your ''Rainbow Factory'' sequel ''Pegasus Device''! I'm like Queen Chrysalis except that I feed on Grimdark fanfics.:scootangel:

Dang, that sucks. I really hope you can find a way to pull it together. :pinkiesad2: sorry I can't be of assistance. Me and Pinkie are behind you all the way though.

honestly if you lived around my block i'd give you a twenty
cause im that considerate :ajsmug:

Appreciate the sentiment~

A sequel? You have no idea how good news this is to me.

You see, I'm working on this Rainbow Factory focused project and it looked promising for a good while. I've started to lose inspiration though so progress has pretty much come to a halt. Since reading the story is what inspired me to start making it in the first place and now it's going to continue, I have a feeling the sequel will give me the motivation I need.

So yeah, I'm really looking forward to Pegasus Device. And I wish you luck in getting these real life issues handled first. :twilightsmile:

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