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    Lyra Grows Bigger For No Reason

    Wanted to give this story a signal boost as I've been following it and would greatly recommend it as a solid growth story. Gent even used my art as the cover pic.

    Totally worth a read!

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    Hey there,

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    Hot Swap Tally

    I think it's been long enough. I'm gonna tally up the votes for Hot Swap and go from there. I'll give a 24hr deadline for any last minute inputs though.

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    Audio Reading of Hot Pink

    A writer and member of this site Lotus Moon did a very nice audio reading of Hot Pink! One of my first fics written all the way back in 2011. If you liked the fic, I bet you will definitely enjoy listening to this audio reading.

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    Hello you thousand or so ppl who have subscribed to this horse person. I'm pleased to announce that i'm kind of alive again with writing. It's been a long time, but I was born a writer, a reader, and a lover of words and snappy dialogue so I am pleased to pronounce my tentative return to horsewords! If you know my stories of past, you'll come to expect the content.... or will you~

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28 weeks later · 9:26pm Apr 16th, 2012

Since I joined knightys silly site. Lots of changes since I popped in. Lots of stories posted here no question of more to come (as well as updates to some I've been lagging at). It's a nice thing to have. Honest to god, EqD, ponfictionarchive, they don't compare.

If I can ask you, can you tell me (if you recall) which story you started watching me at and as well, what kinds of stories you'd like to see from me in the future. I've got more stuff planned. Including an adventure story to boot.

Come at me!

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Comments ( 25 )

>.> I don't remember, sorry. But, I will post this comment so that you know I am following you and that I like your work. :pinkiehappy:

Honestly, write whatever you want. I love everything you do! :twilightsmile:


I started reading at Elusive Evening. It's been a long journey for me as well. I'm currently working on reaching the 15 million words read club.

As for what I want to see:

Gummy fics. No one writes about Gummy.

Madame Le Flour fics. No one writes about her either.

Well considering the title you used I'd say a crossover of the movie but we kinda have plenty of zombie fics as is. Speaking of crossovers though... I haven't seen an Ed, Edd, Eddy/FiM before.

Strictly Dragonic
I'm not really sure, what did you have planned for future stories?
Also I remember when I didn't even know about this site :P Now the only reason I go to EqD is for an episode link on the weekend.

Started watching you at Hot Pink. And really, I'd like to see more funny stories like that :trollestia:

EqD is actually a bad place for fanfiction. Their standards can be even elitist at times, and sometimes stories with a lot of quality/potential don't show up there for these reasons.

your statement: totally agree.
Q. 1: Strictly Dragonic
Q. 2: personally, i prefer crossovers, HiE, and PoE. idk why, though. maybe its the idea of two of my favorite things combined. (those are the fic's i'm best at, as well)

oh, and a huge LOL at the

EDIT: 73027 i agree. they wouldnt accept my "L4D" crossover, JUST BECAUSE IT WAS A L4D CROSSOVER.
that story's goin prety good too!

I know what you mean, I remember that hole event where "Strictly Draconic" was denied because one of the pre-readers forced his fetish onto it.

Well, crap. I can't remember! D:
But, looking through your stories list, unless I didn't fave it for whatever reason, I started here at 'Strictly Draconic.'
I'll eventually have to read some others, haha....
73033 oh GOOD LORD, you're kidding!
That's pretty un-excusable, and quite stupid.
But keep writing strong, Cosmo! :D

73053 .....I never read that copypaste before..... that's just..... *facehoof*

Back when I read clop for the clop I saw a bunch of your fic on the clopfic archives and found you one of the few clop authors with a nice balance of hot clop and writing skill, and pleasant lack of mind scarring content.

Later, after a certain clopfic made me realize that if I cared about both the story and the clop they would ruin each other for me, I chose story and stopped reading clop.

I totally forgot about you until I read Strictly Draconic and looked up the author credentials.

When you write clop it is good. When you write non-clop it is good. When you blend romance into a decent concept story with clop it's good. When you write a mostly non-clop fic and suddenly slam it with shipping and clop it's jarring and terrible.

I have not read all your stories but my favorite fics by you are Strictly Draconic and the first half of Forty Bits. As for what I'd like to see? I don't know. Write what you want and I might like it.

I started with strictly Draconic, Then out of curiosity I read all the R63 Stories. as for what I want to see more of... I'm an easy going guy I like your righting style. the only thing is that I don't like is crossovers (usually) but you have proven to be a good righter so if you wrote one I would give it a try.

come at me with your dick strong

strictly draconic mine friend. tis when I started following. no idea where you should go with fics though... :unsuresweetie:

By the way Cosmonaut, if you EVER want a good story idea; feel free to come to me. I've got ALL SORTS of ideas (some that already have a good ammount of plot in them) and nowhere near enough time to get to them all. :applejackconfused:

point is, if you ever want one, just ask. I'll be more than glad to share. :twilightsmile:

Same with me. So many idea's that I either don't want to write/don't have time to.

Oh gosh... You were one of the first I followed, not counting the ones I followed by accident... I think it was probably the hot pink one I read first, but not sure... :unsuresweetie:

I knew about you when you wrote Split, but I did not follow you until Jack of All Trades I really enjoyed that one.

I started with the Back Room, though I'll admit I haven't had much time to read your other stuff yet.

As for what I personally want to see, just more stuff you're comfortable writing. I find once writing turns from the author's vision to the audience's, it gets less fun.

I started with Just my type. Thought it was pretty hot. Started watching.
I just like well written clop. I don't even mind if I have to read 22 chapters of slow build up to get to the clop. In fact, that's even better^^
Foreplay ftw:raritywink:

Are you implying I ship Gummy with the sack of flour :rainbowhuh:
Strictly Draconic was a big pull for me, and still is one of my highest liked/viewed works. I had so much fun writing it man. I'm super glad everyone else enjoyed it too because I did put a ton of effort into editing and dialogue compared to my usual works.
Fuck me rotten baby yeeeaaah
Oh man DPV I still feel bummed about the jarring difference between parts 1 and 2 of Forty Bits. By all means it did tailspin in a different direction towards the end and that didn't mesh with a lot of folks. It was part of a request though and I had to honour it. I asked knighty if I coulda split the story up into two separate stories but that would have been superflous.
If anything, the way the first part of Forty Bits ends, could easily have stayed as a complete stand alone fic, and the same goes for part 2.
You're in luck! More of that on the way!

74185 Don't ask me why, maybe I was just in a really good mood, I honestly don't know. But I REALLY enjoyed Forty Bits. The second part too. It's weird, everyone else hated it. Call me crazy. :twilightblush:



That would be hilarious


I just realized I said something that could possibly be misconstrued. Just in case I'll clarify that the story that made stop caring about clop was not one of yours.

Well, considering you asked. I only just now started to follow you, and that because I read "Itchin' For A Blitzin'" some time ago and I kinda enjoyed that.(There isnt enough good rule 63(mature and non mature, just in general) I looked it up now again because I wanted to see if you ever wrote the continuation of it,(it ended unfinished, yes?) and noticed that it had been written by someone I have seen around quite a bit.(including some of your other stories)

Decided to give you a watch and read some more of your things once I find the time, expect me to be a silent stalker from now on.(sometimes i leave comments though)

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