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    You know how I said my current job would give me weekends?

    Turns out I LIED! 8D

    Sigh. -_-

    But now, after the first of the year, a NEW challenger approaches! Yes, it's a different position, with perhaps the prospect of actual time off. We will see. Hopefully I will get some writing done then.

    In the meantime, an awesome artist Halflingpony just gave me some awesome fan art! (Oh dear, poor Vigilance...)

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    Well! Long time no see, FIMFiction. Well long time no talk at least.

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    Good lord things are busy

    Well! This certainly has been a dry spell for people not following my tumblr.

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    Marevel Comics

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    Well! As Creideiki so correctly pointed out in my last journal, my lack of uploads has not NECESSARILY implied writing inactivity on my part.

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    Ack. The scenario in the opener to the Trixie ep was almost EXACTLY what I was going to use for a changeling-related Trixie story that I planned out four months ago.

    And now if I get around to writing it, the scenario will look unoriginal.

    Cursessssssssssss this is the "Rainbow Dash as a Drill Sergeant" thing all over again.


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Good lord things are busy · 2:06am Oct 7th, 2013

Well! This certainly has been a dry spell for people not following my tumblr.

Unfortunately, it won't be ending any time soon. As you may have gathered, I have been exceptionally busy with my job. I have actually been writing, but I have mostly focussed on the various comic storylines being published / pending publishing over at Fernintumblr / Mare-vel Comics.

Hand of Justice: Mirror, Mirror has been coming along at a brisk pace, but is currently on hold for a Halloween-themed comic which will start on 07 OCT. If you like Fiddlesticks... well, or if you really DON'T like Fiddlesticks... check out Dirge of Scaretzo.

Old Appleoosa: Heritage is coming along nicely, and for Pinkie fans the next chapter is currently in production (although the artist has been having a few difficulties).

That's pretty much it from me. Hopefully things will slow down in a few weeks and I will be able to do some legitimate writing again. As much as I like doing comic scripts and the exercise in telling the story in as short a time as reasonably possible is fun, I do need to do some actual narratives aaaaaaaahhh. @_@

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What, you can't even get a break when the government shuts down?

0_o Of course not. We're the US Military. Total destruction in thirty days or the next country is free.

Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night will keep these messengers from sending their appointed rounds downrange.

Etc etc.

This actually means more work for me since now we're doing our job AND trying to adapt to the problem that some of the Department of the Army Civilians aren't there to do theirs.

What is this....jerb you speak of?

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