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    You know how I said my current job would give me weekends?

    Turns out I LIED! 8D

    Sigh. -_-

    But now, after the first of the year, a NEW challenger approaches! Yes, it's a different position, with perhaps the prospect of actual time off. We will see. Hopefully I will get some writing done then.

    In the meantime, an awesome artist Halflingpony just gave me some awesome fan art! (Oh dear, poor Vigilance...)

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    Good & Bad News

    Well! Long time no see, FIMFiction. Well long time no talk at least.

    The good news is, I am now in a new job which gives me weekends back (sometimes)!

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    Ack. The scenario in the opener to the Trixie ep was almost EXACTLY what I was going to use for a changeling-related Trixie story that I planned out four months ago.

    And now if I get around to writing it, the scenario will look unoriginal.

    Cursessssssssssss this is the "Rainbow Dash as a Drill Sergeant" thing all over again.


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Good & Bad News · 3:53am Apr 1st, 2014

Well! Long time no see, FIMFiction. Well long time no talk at least.

The good news is, I am now in a new job which gives me weekends back (sometimes)!

The bad news is, I am now writing to you from my iPad because my computer is finito. Kaput. No more. Dead... And with it, several stories and continuations of other stories I have already published. Yup. So you probably aren't going to see much more / any more Old vs New (if any of you were still following that haha), or Bitwise's Equestria (for those of you who got to pre-read a bit of it), or a few others. Sigh.

But eh. We shall rebuild! ...as soon as I no longer have to write on an iPad lol.

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Aw geeze, that sounds terrible. :applecry: Please have all of my best wishes for your recovery!

Though, I'm curious. When you say dead, did you mean the "just can't boot up" dead or the "engulfed in a fireball" dead? If it's the former and assuming that you still have the hard drive, I think you can still recover the data off of it.

Aww! That sucks bro. At least you can still read my stuff!

What 1971461 said. It's pretty hard to make data well and truly un-recoverable.

I was starting to wonder if you'd fallen off the face of the earth. And yes, computer failures suck. Out of curiosity, what failed on it?

1971461 True, but depending on the failure, it can be ridiculously expensive.

1971769 Yep, if it's a failure within the hard drive itself, then getting data off of it is going to be rather difficult. But if something else broke, then popping the hard drive in another computer or hooking it to a cheap SATA-to-USB adapter (or an IDE-to-USB adapter if it's a particularly old drive) would be enough to get the data off of it.

A simple test is to attempt a boot up. If it cannot boot at all (blank screen), then it may just be a failure of one of the other components and the hard drive is still working. If it goes through the BIOS and prints out something along the lines of "Can't find boot device," then it's unfortunately most likely a hard drive failure. Upside is, you'll get a working computer if you replace the hard drive. :twilightsheepish:

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