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Orange update! · 11:14am Feb 22nd, 2013

Well well, there was me thinking I'd never be good enough to let alone scratch the surface of the feature box, and I end up in there twice! I feel rather touched by you readers! Only problem now is beating something that's gotten 400+ likes!

Anywhoo my brain is doing that thing again where I can't be put in the mood to write. I'll sort it out when I'm back in action. I'm trying not to rely on art so much for inspiration, and instead considering my own ideas. I mean it's not bad to get ideas from art, but what good are you if that's the only source? Not like I've come across anything good lately anyway.

There's still a stack of clop I have yet to read, my fault on that!

Oh yeah, and for anyone who added me on Steam from this site, I may have accidentally removed you. You see I was looking to trade TF2 stuff (been playing a lot lately) whilst forgetting I'd posted my steam here, so I was getting invites and accepting to see if people wanted to trade but had no response from them. So if you do add me, don't be a Helen Keller death mute when I accept your invite, let me know you're from Fimfic, and your account name.

Best of luck to all you writers out there! Kudos! And remember, Nightmare Moon is a sexy piece of ass!

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Comments ( 17 )

And remember, Nightmare Moon is a sexy piece of ass!

True to that. :moustache:

Do what'cha gotta do.:pinkiehappy:

dude, a nightmare moon clopfic. genius

How about a humanoids Daring Do and with your OC Firestorm.

854598 yep we all read it for the plot! :pinkiehappy:

854713 indeed :moustache: all for teh Badonkadonk :rainbowlaugh:

so nightmare moon next cool

Yes, Nightmare Moon is indeed a sexy piece of ass. Please tell me you're including her in your next clopfic.

855506 Eh, maybe. It's been a while since I wrote about her.

I'll drink to that.

855685Wait, have you already done a NMM clopfic before?

856498 nah it's still up, it's called Nightmare Chambers, back when I was a noob at clopfics! :ajbemused:

856483 Oh it didn't suck, well at least not in my eyes. :twilightsmile:

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