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Orange update 6 (and then some!) · 5:35pm May 8th, 2013

Yes, I'm still alive and brainstorming as I go along, but first a probably not so important message.

As of a few weeks ago, I have withdrawn my status as a brony. That's right, no more bro-hoofing, 20% cooler (do they still do that?) or that kinda stuff. I'm not judging the fan-base entirely on one group of people who make us look bad (Deviantart is a scary place) but yeah, you can now refer to me just as the guy who writes erotic shit.

This in no way affects my clopfic writing, it's weak but still going, and yes I have something planned. Just not sure when it's gonna get done (that's what Gaben said).

As for season 4, the only chance that I'll watch it is to look for some new sexy mares inspiration. Let's face it people, s2 and s3 characters are getting rinsed to the bone! We need new material to tear apart, and exploit for the joys of reading explicit fan-fiction, at the demise of many others. Other than that, my interest in ponies is going downhill, so let's just hope Hasbro (yeah, thanks a lot for that thing on fighting is magic!) pumps out some fresh horse meat. That is if your heads all don't explode into candy out of impatience.

And seriously, what's with the Equestria girls thing? I'm staying way outta that! That's all from me for now, stay awesome, fans! Back to my corner I go!

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Comments ( 12 )

equestria girls... that still gives me the shudders

1063239 unless it turns out to be a trick and the mane six gets in a huge orgie or something... then i'll watch it

1063357 heh, it'd be good for something then I guess.

1063387 Yeah, I was unfortunate enough to see it before!

>implying that one is able to withdraw their status as a brony

I think it's kinda strange when people claim to leave the fandom. To me if you enjoy a media, that's it. You're a fan, it's part of your character. Unless you undergo some sort of brain trauma that changes your character, you're a fan for life. I understand feeling betrayed by Hasbro with the shit that's been happening, but that shouldn't discredit the greatness that you've already experianced. But that's just one loser's opinion :pinkiehappy:. I hope whatever's next for you is pleasant, Foxy! Cheers, friends!:pinkiehappy:

Oh come in fox it looks like it will be good. ( P.S r u running out of steam? ) :pinkiegasp:

1088560 Running out of steam? No. And that show looks cliché as fuck.

Show hahaha its going to a movie 2. It comes out on the 16th of june.

I remember in one fic, the valentine fic between Firestorm and Mrs. Cake, there was brief mention of him having a sister. Could we be looking forward toward anything on that? Unless you're anti-incest, in that case I said nothing and was never here. :twilightblush:

1141864 I never said I was anti-incest.

I was actually wondering who noticed that Firestorm has a sister. Kudos for pointing that out!

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