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The Sentient Cloud

I'm The Sentient Cloud, a now-retired fanfiction writer from New Zealand. If you're looking at this, then you've probably already found your way to either "The Piano Man" or "Those Who Came Before".

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Very Important Updates · 11:02am Feb 2nd, 2013

Okay everyone. Here's some important news for both The Piano Man and Those Who Came Before.

Due to the fact that The Piano Man is thrillingly close to its conclusion, I'm going to be focusing on that. Its next chapter currently weighs in at satisfying 3,700 words, and it isn't even finished yet. (It's going to be big enough to demolish my view-word ratio, which is disappointing. I'm sure it'll be fixed some time after the story concludes, though.)
Now something I want to clarify is this: do not expect some high-octane trial chapter with massive amounts of legal hijinks and shenanigans. That's not the way the Piano Man flows. Do expect a few interesting twists, but I'm warning you now that it's not a major deviation from how I normally tell the story. I'd imagine that most readers will not be dissatisfied with that, given that I've warned you ahead of time.

And for the TWCB readers, the next Those Who Came Before chapter is in the works, and will receive some much needed attention after this next Piano Man chapter.


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Comments ( 10 )

Welcome back TSC, how was that vacation? Also thanks for the head up on the chapter, can't wait to read it.

Woo! I eagerly await both! Take your time on em eh? Dont worry about us if life gets in the way or something :rainbowwild:.

It's ok TSC. Sing us a song.

Welcome back,

Well, I know I have something to look forward to. Also, you wrote ~4K words on vacation? :twilightoops: Not much of a vacation if you ask me. but good job!

Yes, yeees! Back to work, Mind Slave!

Well, time to get out that bottle I was saving for this conclusion. :yay:
While I'm not expecting Phoenix Wright, an episode of Law and Order, 24, or actual court room drama shows, I am hoping that the ending fits the tone and does not introduce the ever favorite plot holes and continuity errors to the story you've written thus far. If all goes well and plot holes and continuity errors aren't introduced, I will be happy (even if the ending is completely saccharine and wrapped up into a neat little happily ever after bow that it is totally undeserving of).:twilightsmile:

As Luna already stated, the trial is more a technicism than anything else; at this point, there is virtually nothing that could spare Trixie from her fate.

Sweet Jesus, I need to stop forgetting to reply to comments.

785208 My vacation was fun. A lot of beach-side relaxing and down-time. Worst moment was when I cut my toe pretty badly on a muscle shell in the water. It turns out that some lazy vacationer had taken the shells leftover from his meal and just dumped them in the water.

788774 Actually, barring anything I've forgotten over the lengthy writing progress, I believe the story will be wrapped up in a neat, slightly grim bow.

Okay, so only two people posted anything that needed a reply.

Ow, ow, ow, ow. Cutting your foot at the beach or any body part for that matter is never fun, especially in the ocean which contains...you know. :pinkiegasp:
Anyway, hope your toe feels better and if its a grim bow, does it have dancing scythe-wielding skeletons on it?:rainbowlaugh:

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