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The Definition of a Writer · 5:15pm Jan 7th, 2013

I've heard it said that the difference between being a writer, and someone who writes... Is that the former can't /not/ write.

My computer's back in the shop to swap out a dodgy hard drive (for a new one 30 times the size), so that I'm keyboardless - my only input device is my phone's on-screen keyboard, impossible to touch-type with.

Yesterday, I finished visualising a scene, and couldn't /not/ write it - so, thumb-tap by thumb-tap, managed a couple of thousand words over a couple of hours. Maybe 15 wpm instead of a hundred, but it got typed out. ... And one of my pre-readers called it, IIRC, the liveliest in the story yet.

I once owned a clever little butterfly-folding keyboard for a PDA, no bigger than the pocket-sized device itself, but allowing full touch typing. If I ever find something of the sort for my current device, within my budget... I just might turn into that hipster writing his novel at the park, the coffee shop, the bus... :)

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that's kinda awesome :rainbowlaugh:

I agree with that definition n_n

I can barely type with a tablet's keyboard

Speech to text software might be another option, I've never had tooo much success with it myself but in theory you could get quite a good wpm.

So, this may seem like a dickish statement, but how's that working out for you? A little update from time to time would be nice :pinkiesmile:

Yes but also yes.

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