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Putting out a non-pony novel · 2:33am Aug 3rd, 2021

A month-long novel-writing experiment over on RoyalRoad, where I'll be releasing a chapter a day at https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/45388/hustling-through-the-dark .

Come read about a vlog by a gal named Dee;
Poor cryonicist, just another nobody.
Then one day she managed to die;
Woke a bit later and learned how to fly.
(Pilot, that is. Spaceships. Lunar landers.)

Next thing you know she's bought a new bod.
Upgraded it, paid for every last mod.
Thought L5 was the place she oughta go;
Bought herself a tug using all she could borrow.
(Debt, that is. Loans, credit cards.)

Well, now it's time to wave 'bye to Dee and her ship;
They're about to head out on a heckuva trip.
Heading out into the deepest dark black,
Aiming for a motherlode before she gets back.
(Vacuum cleaner, that's what they call 'er now.
Nice fur. Y'all come back now, ya hear?)

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