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New story: The Good Life · 9:13am April 4th

The Vault Dweller's time is coming to an end. Twelve years after leaving Arroyo to wander the wastes, the old man still lingers on. Arriving in the small Oregon town of Trespa with nothing but his dog, his gun, and his trusty Vault 13 canteen, he finds himself drawn into trouble with a local raider gang for what may be his final adventure.

(Fanfiction.net version).
(Archive of Our Own version).

I just woke up one morning and decided to write a western-inspired Fallout 1 fic with sad old man vault dweller, and Posh was unable to talk me out of it, so here we are.

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Ooh a Fallout 1 fic. Don't see many of those.


The classic games are criminally underrepresented in the modern fandom.

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