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Notes from Unfinished Stories and Opportunity · 2:21am March 12th

Dear Bronies and Pegasisters,

I know I have been quiet for the past several months, but in case you didn't know, allow me to explain.

I've decided that since I have twelve stories that are still unfinished, I'm going to re-read them to see how to plan them out. And while I was reading and making notes, I've come to a realization. Something to give you, the reader, a unique opportunity.

For these stories, not only am I sharing my notes with all of you, but I also want your help with giving suggestions. That's right! Here is the opportunity for you to give me a direction on where these stories could go. I will post my notes for these stories below, and you can add on how these stories can be improved.

With that said, I've also decided that one of the first stories that I'm going to tackle is "The Honeymoon." I figured that this one is pretty close to finishing and that it would benefit from writing out a final chapter or two.

The next would either be "The Lioness and the Unicorn" or "My Little World." This will depend on you guys which you want to see finished first.

Also, after reading "Le Prince et le Menteur," I can safely say that the story is finished, but it needs some renaming and a bit of reorganizing. Don't worry, I'm not going to delete anything, but I figured the rest of you should know.

So here below are my notes for the unfinished stories, and if you guys want to add anything to them, feel free to do so in the comments.


Your fellow Writer,

- CrackedInkWell

- Friends and Fairy Tales

- Most likely this will have to be rewritten (again). I think that the main focus should be on the fictional book characters, with their personalities being larger than life simply interacting with Equestria. This story should be more slice of life where they encounter those of Ponyville/Canterlot.

- I'd start the beginning by having Dorthy wake up in a new world and simply build up on the mystery as she encounters Alice and Peter.

- It wouldn't hurt to update the story to the later seasons with the student six to see how they would react to seeing their teachers having different personalities.

- Paper Romance

- I think the letters themselves are really good, but the threading plot is not only boring but doesn't hold much water.

- Instead, Jonagold isn't a student researching a paper for a psychology class, she's the author of a book. Plan to rewrite this where she is presenting the letters/artifacts with what happened to Braeburn. Write up an intro to give some historical context to readers like an actual book.

- The Lioness and the Unicorn

- Apart from much-needed editing, I think this story would be one of the easier stories to finish. Star Swirl would figure out how to recreate the storm to get them back home with Queen Elizabeth I wanting them to stay. Trickery on both parties would have to be involved.

- Seven Self-Portraits

- Aside from editing, there are two possible ways to do this. Leave it as it is. Or continue but have a six-year time skip.

- The Honeymoon

- Without a doubt, this should be the first to finish because it is very close to the end. There would be some editing, of course, but I know how to finish this.

- My Little World

- Besides editing, there should be a chapter that gives a reaction to the speech Faust gives.

- From there, there are two choices: either continue to go around Equestria as planned to meet other characters; or have the "fictional" characters go into the real world.

- The Forgotten Melodies of Jozèf Boulogne

- Layout an outline for this story from start to finish. Both for Sunburst and Boulogne. With one finding out of this incredible character that is lost to time, and Boulogne bio. Boulogne being the son of a Prench aristocrat and a slave, moved to Prance, learned to both play the violin and become a master fencer, became a virtuoso while becoming a composer, was Antoinette's music teacher, fought in the Prench Revolutionary Army, nearly guillotined during the terror.

- One possibility is to have Boulogne's story be told out of order?

- Le Prince et le Menteur

- Some light editing would be needed.

- Honestly, the story is pretty much finished. With the second to last chapter, however, I feel it would be tagged on like an appendix. Not needed for the overall story, but could still tag on.

- Hoity: The Untold Story

- Some editing is needed. Including positioning certain events where they originally were meant to be in each chapter.

- Observation: For a story called "The Untold Story," it seems to really focus on him being in High School. Should the focus be on his rise or what he was as a teen? Either way, either the story or the title needs to change.

- Inverno's Opus in A Minor

- The major problem with this story is that it's rather unfocused. The idea is solid, but the story could benefit from a rewrite so that we would get to know the characters and know what's going on.

- Perhaps Inverno could benefit from learning about how to play the instruments. The violin perhaps?

- Editing, duh.

- One way to rewrite it is instead of a massive road trip thing, Inverno could instead collect the composers one at a time to bring to the Crystal Empire. While leaving room for both him to learn about the value of education and getting to know the composers.

- Side note, I think the individual stories about the composers in modern-day Equestria are still a pretty fun idea and should be expanded on.

- Inverno - The Music Cather

- Editing

- Obviously, write out the outline for the rest of this story. Possibly go further into detail about Inverno coping with modern life and the loss of his wife.

- The idea of what made Inverno interesting is his ability to see worlds through classical music. While projecting memories is fine, it shouldn't be the only thing we get to see.

Comments ( 2 )

Rewriting Friends and Fairy Tales to focus on the book characters?

... huh. That actually sounds fairly interesting. Especially if we can see the trepidation to return from their point of view, not to mention the confusion from being in a whole new place (though some have experience with that already).

Also some nice ideas for Inverno's Opus. Especially teaching Inverno new instruments. I'm already imagining Vifilli and Paganeighni arguing over the correct way to play the violin!

My Little World is the one I'm looking forward to. I have a subjection. Do a time skip and have a focus on more of how he/she is coping with one and other, and how they find their place. The time skip can be used as a new book on their trip around the world, visit the mirror world, and figuring out how to go back and forth to the real world to take things to help her world.

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